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Professor Richard Impossible

Prof impossible.png

"Impossibly Comfortable!"
Other Names
Real Name: Richard Impossible
Agent Matthew Perry
Professor Incorrigible
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: Peter McCulloch (Pilot)

Stephen Colbert (Seasons 1 , 2) Christopher McCulloch (Season 3) Bill Hader (Season 4)

Impossible Industries
The Revenge Society
Boys' Brigade (former)

Richard Impossible is the founder of Impossible Industries, a super science corporation in the same field as Venture Industries. It has now taken over some of the resources of the failing Venture Industries, such as its NYC headquarters. He has "super stretchy" powers, received from a freak accident that also involved his wife, Sally (whose skin can become invisible), her retarded cousin Ned (who now has three inch thick skin), and her brother Cody (constantly on fire and in pain). He clearly got the upside.

Over the course of the series, Impossible has gone from an upstanding and respected scientist to a depressed, drunken wreck and finally a costumed villain.


Richard is seen by the world as a genius inventor. He crossed paths with the Ventures early in life as a member of the Jonas Venture Boys' Brigade. He was also present–acting as a reporter and photographer–when Team Venture took possession of Spider-Skull Island. He met his future wife, Sally, while serving as a professor at State University. Dr. Venture was amongst his students, receiving a sympathy "D-" after his father Jonas was killed. Impossible would later note that Rusty was a daydreamer, sass mouth, and not infrequently a bit of a gigglepuss, who didn't put enough effort into his work.

Years later, while giving a tour of Impossible Industries to Sally, her cousin Ned, and brother Cody, one of his experiments exploded, giving Richard the ability to stretch his body to impossible lengths. He expressed shame in the rest of the family's freakish abilities and required them to stay indoors at all times, going so far as to build a chamber in which to keep Cody, which prevented him from bursting into flame.

Richard's first (unnamed) appearance is at the Science Conference in The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay, where he presents his 100% solar I-Car. While there he openly mocks Dr. Venture for his failures.

He next (in production order) appears as in the background in Tag-Sale -- You're it!. During the early stages of the fight between the super-powered characters attending the garage sale, Baron Ünderbheit smashes a table over Professor Impossible's head.

The Professor invented the Goliath Serum, a serum used to turn living things into bombs. In Ice Station -- Impossible!, Richard invites Rusty, Pete White, and Master Billy Quizboy to join his think tank, but abandons Dr. Venture alone in the arctic wilderness after he discovers the secreted away Sally, Ned, and Cody (and begins an affair with Sally). When Brock Samson shows up with Hank, who had come into contact with a serum, he decides it's better to kill Hank than attempt a cure but is stopped by the other inhabitants of his arctic base. The serum, not meant for humans, proves to have only minor effect on Hank before leaving his system. Impossible makes it a point to mock the rest of the think tank for the "cure" they concocted over a few hours, calling it "Ranch Dressing".

Richard and the Impossibles return in Twenty Years to Midnight where his marriage to Sally dissolves when she realizes that science will always be more important to him than his family. He tries to steal the device the Ventures have been putting together after seeing a video left by Jonas Venture, feeling that Dr. Venture is incompetent. A battle ensues between Impossible and Team Venture, which leaves the Professor stretched out and hanging from a window.

In Now Museum, Now You Don't, still devastated by the breakup of his marriage, he returned to Spider Skull Island for the opening of The Jonas Venture Jr. Museum of Jonas Venture. He attempts to win his ex-wife (now in a relationship with Jonas Venture Jr.), and when this fails he attempts suicide. Twice. His first attempt–jumping from a catwalk;fails when his feet are caught on a rail and his drunken body stretches on it's own, gently lowering him to the ground. The second unwittingly saved everyone when attempted to swallow the explosion of the Spider Skull Island self-destruct.

In Pomp & Circuitry, Dr. Impossible is seen living as a depressed shut-in in Impossible Plaza. According to his new arch, Dr. Phineas Phage, he'd been locked away for months. Phantom Limb (recently escaped from a Guild of Calamitous Intent prison) seeks him out, convincing him to join his new Revenge Society and seek revenge on those who he feels harmed him. Their first task is to return to State University, where they both taught. to gather plans for Phantom Limbs' machine that can clone his missing arm and leg. Having joined forces, Professor Impossible swaps his blue and white I-Suit for a black and purple one (with a skull dotting the i). He tries out a number of new names on Phantom Limb, before Baron Ünderbheit enters and asks to join The Society.

As part of the Revenge Society, the newly named Professor Incorrigible and Phantom Limb are brought in to a think tank with other heroes and villains in Any Which Way But Zeus. The think tank has a marathon session attempting to figure out how Zeus, an unlicensed newcomer to the scene, is able to appear and kidnap sidekicks and henchmen and where he may be taking them.

During Bright Lights, Dean City, Dean Venture comes to New York and works as an unpaid intern for Impossible Industries, the whole time unaware that Professor Impossible is living a double life as a villain. He's forced to fire all of the Impossible Industries staff (the recession?) and The Revenge Society sets about recruiting new members. They also target Dr Venture for murder while he's in town, though it doesn't go exactly to plan. When Rusty later enters Impossible Plaza, the newly staffed Revenge Society attempts to kill him again, which doesn't go exactly to plan.

After the Revenge Society was taken over by Dr. Killinger, Dr. Impossible trained his elastic abilities to include the ability to assume the physical form of anyone he chooses. Richard uses these abilities to help the rest of the Revenge Society infiltrate the newly built Gargantua-2 in an effort to rob the casino vault on board. When the station fell victim to an asteroid attack and the civilians were evacuating Richard, having realized that Phantom Limb had betrayed the Revenge Society, decided to leave with Sally Impossible, who said that though she would not forgive him she was also not about to let the father of her child die. Richard was later seen attending J.J.'s funeral at the burnt down Venture Compound.


  • Goliath Serum - a serum that causes creatures exposed to it to explode.
  • I-Suit - suits with a number of miraculous properties
  • Impossi-Car - a flying car made up of three separable pieces.
  • I-Car - a 100 solar vehicle that also releases a special ozone to restore the ozone layer.


  • Impossible was clearly inspired by Mister Fantastic, leader of [The Fantastic Four], which the rest of his family also mirrors.

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