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President Breyer


"If she smells like this.... then she's mine."
Other Names
Real Name: President Breyer
1st appearance: Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner?
Voice Artist: Dana Snyder


President Breyer was the current President of the United States when the Venture Family was invited to the White House after the destruction of the Gargantua-1. Breyer, as described by Lincoln's Ghost, is a pretty lousy President and he has seen a lot of Presidents come and go. He was a former, and possibly current, alcoholic and was having an affair with his secretary, Cassie. His lead Secret Service Agent was Hauser, who aggressively guarded him.

Although part of the GOP, "Breyer" could be a pun of "bray," the sound a donkey makes; donkeys are the symbol of the Democratic Party.

His current Vice-President was under indictment so he asked Bud Manstrong to replace him for the upcoming election. He needed someone with a clean history and being as the press made Manstrong out to be a hero he was the perfect candidate. Breyer's crude nature horrified Manstrong but his mother convinced him to say yes. It is unknown whether Breyer was reelected.


  • President Bill Clinton, adultery
  • President George W. Bush, alcoholism
  • President Lyndon Baines Johnson, accent,appearance
  • President Nixon, as his vice president, Spirow Agnew resigned under threat of indictment

Episode Appearances[edit]