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The Venture Bros. episode
Powerless in the Face of Death
Season 2
Vb s2 1.jpg
Orig. Airdate June 25, 2006
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
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A Very Venture Christmas 14 Hate Floats


Dr. Venture, stricken with grief after the loss of Hank and Dean, leaves the compound for a month, experimenting with drugs and alternative lifestyles before Brock brings him back home. Dr. Orpheus attempts to resurrect the boys, while Dr. Venture becomes the victim of an accident involving an unfinished teleporter and The Monarch formulates a plot to escape prison.


After the tragic deaths of Hank and Dean, everyone is trying to cope with the loss around the compound. Dr. Venture, attempting to find himself, actually takes the X-1 and flees the compound for an entire month. During his time away from home he experiments with herbs, meditation, alternate lifestyles (like trying to be an animal), and ecstasy. All the while Brock is hunting him down before he eventually catches him at a rave. Dr. Venture holds back, not wanting to leave, even going so far as to say that he's starting a new family with a raver girl named Skye. Brock drugs him and takes him home. This subplot was presented as a montage at the beginning of the episode, set to the song "Everybody's Free", the Rozalla mix.

Back at the compound Jonas Venture Jr.(JJ) is finishing up his list of government tasks and he asks Dr. Venture which of the last two things he would rather finish: a sound that kills or a teleporter. Rusty eagerly takes the teleporter and asks JJ to show it to him. They enter a portion of the compound that Dr. Venture didn't even know about and meets the staff he didn't even know he had. JJ takes his leave and Dr. Venture fires his staff, which includes his old childhood friend, Hector, and a colleague of his father's, former boxer Swifty. Dr. Venture, convinced that the project is finished decides to polish it off and discovers a large blinking panel. He deduces that this is the reason that his power bill has been so high and he attempts to turn it off which results in him being split into 3 pieces, 1 of which is located miles away at a prison.

The Monarch, with the help of Tiny Joseph, sends out a distress letter via a tiny message written on a piece of paper stuck on the back of a butterfly. The message is quickly intercepted by the Tiny Eagle, just outside the fences.

At the compound Brock and Dr. Orpheus are having a conversation about the boys' deaths and Dr. Orpheus can't quite figure out why Brock is so mellow about the whole ordeal. Dr. Orpheus returns to his residence to attempt resurrecting Dean and Hank, while Brock stumbles upon Dr. Venture's leg sticking out of the television. After Dr. Venture calls out to him to go to the lab, Brock finds half of the doc's body sticking out of one of the walls. The two try to determine where Dr. Venture's missing body part is, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Dr. Orpheus ventures down into the underworld searching for the lost souls of Hank and Dean, but he finds nothing more than a costumed man pretending to be a Roman guard and another man. Back at his home he sets up the ritual to bring Hank and Dean back. Before he finishes, he hears a knock at his door. He is greeted by the skinless Dean and Hank who mutter only "milkshake" to him. Back at the compound, Brock wheels the doc's legs into the room to try and make him feel better, while Dr. Venture and Brock talk about the Doc's missing side, Dr. Orpheus falls into the room through a pink, gooey hole in the ceiling. He instantly takes the blame for Dr. Venture's predicament. Brock assures him that the doc did it to himself, while Dr. Venture believes that it's all his brother's fault. Dr. Orpheus butts in and tells them that he has brought Hank and Dean back to life, but as soulless zombies.

At the prison, The Monarch has assembled a crew of inmates to achieve the breakout, but he quickly learns of their incompetence when one after another brings doubt upon themselves. Tigerrific has to be in his costume to be as strong as he is believed to be, Mister Monday is concerned more about setting the date of the escape on Monday than anything else, and White Noise is worried that the organization is going to be "Racially mixed," because it would be impure for him seeing as he is a white supremacist. King Gorilla, however, promises to deliver as the muscle necessary for the escape.

Henchmen 21 and 24, unbeknownst to one another, have both gone to support group for Henchmen at a local church. A crocodile-like Henchman named Charlie tells his sob story about how he lost his position as one of Crime-o-dile's henchmen. Henchman 21 cuts in and tells Charlie that his former employer may still be alive, surviving through some sort of escape pod or parachute. The support group leader tells Gary (21) "that the point of the group is not to enable the henching habit, but to learn how to hench for ourselves." Henchman 21 takes this to heart and starts an inspirational speech about becoming a super villain, while his fellow henchmen inquire to be his henchmen.

Back in the lab, Dr. Orpheus tells Brock and what's there of Dr. Venture what he has done to Hank and Dean, he curses himself just before his talisman begins to glow. He claims that the boys are speaking to him from beyond. while Brock and Dr. Venture look on arguing about whether or not they should tell Orpheus something. Dr. Orpheus wanders over to a nearby machine and demands to know what it is, Dr. Venture calmly responds that "it makes robots or something," and then begins to shout out about playing god, then Brock cuts in and tells the doc to quit messing with Orpheus.

Phantom Limb, at the prison, is talking with King Gorilla about The Monarch's plan to escape. Phantom Limb seemingly successfully bribes King Gorilla out of helping The Monarch using a cake.

Dr. Venture and Brock with mustaches

At the lab, Dr. Venture explains to Dr. Orpheus all of the details about what he's seen and what kind of process they go through every time the boys manage to get themselves killed. Dr. Orpheus is shocked by this inhumane situation but Dr. Venture quips that what he does and what Dr. Orpheus does are the same thing, the only thing different about the two is the names they give everything. Dr. Venture and Brock think back on the 14 times that the boys have died, including:

  • Them being sucked into the jet engines.
  • A giant robotic spider breaking into their room.
  • The boys lighting cigarettes by gas canisters.
  • Them trying to shoot apples off of each others heads.
  • While driving, they are decapitated by a clothesline.
  • Them being mauled by a werewolf Dr. Venture.
  • Hank, dressed as "The Bat," uses an umbrella to unsuccessfully guide him down to the ground from the top of the compound.
  • A giant robot stomps on them while they sleep.
  • Dean trips while running with safety scissors.
  • While playing football, a satellite lands on Hank.
  • Gas leak in their rooms (the silent killer).
  • They fall into a pit of spikes that opens up after Brock and Dr. Venture walk over the floor.
  • Dr. Venture knocks some coffee over and sets the boys room on fire by accident

Henchmen 21 and 24 finally realize who the other one is and they take turns cracking jokes at each other's appearance out of uniform. They touch on the awkwardness of the situation and express their desires for The Monarch to break out soon.

Back at the prison the guards are routinely locking the cells for the night when The Monarch (dressed in a makeshift costume) leaps out, alone. He yells for his backup, but no one else responds and the guards begin to rush him, he hits them with liquid plumber, the "orange powder they use when someone throws up," and a Tiny Joseph. The Monarch makes a break for it and begs his fellow inmates for help, but the guards take him down and begin to drag him to solitary confinement. He passes by each of the inmates that were supposed to aid him, begging them to help him out, but all ignore him. When he passes by King Gorilla's cell, he clings to the bars and begs him to help. King Gorilla mutters he can't help because Phantom Limb set him up, and the guards pry The Monarch from the cell bars and drag him towards the back. All the while The Monarch is kicking & screaming that Phantom Limb only wants Dr. Girlfriend for his own. Then King Gorilla makes a decision; he bursts his cell door off the hinges and disables the guards. He takes The Monarch to his cell to escape through the toilet sewer pipes. King Gorilla tells The Monarch that love changed his mind. He gives The Monarch some parting words (and a brief kiss with some tongue action) and shoves him down the pipes to find his freedom.

In the lab, Dr. Orpheus is still shocked by the whole situation and Dr. Venture calmly explains that "if you have a clumsy child you make them wear a helmet, if you have death-prone children you keep a few clones of them in your lab." The skinless, naked clones stumble into the room and Dr. Venture tells Brock to take them back to the oven, which he detests since he has to touch them. The boys attempt to do a Team Venture! pose, but they quickly collapse before touching fingers.

At the end, The Monarch is seen falling out of the pipes reaching out to an extended hand, which turns out to be the missing right-side portion of Dr. Venture.

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Dr. Jonas Venture Jr.
The Phantom Limb
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Clone Slug Dean
Chris McCulloch The Monarch
Mister Monday
King Gorilla
Henchman 24
Clone Slug Hank
Additional Voices
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Byron Orpheus
Doc Hammer Henchman 21
Tiny Joseph
Frozen Head in Hell
Prison Guard 3
Brendon Small Swifty
Crime-o-dile Henchman
White Noise
Paul Boocock Tigerriffic
Prison Guard 2
Lisa Hammer Triana Orpheus
Nina Hellman J.J.'s Ride to the Marina

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