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The Venture Bros. episode
Pomp and Circuitry
Season 4
Orig. Airdate September 19, 2010
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 4-48
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Hank and Dean graduate from their learning beds, Phantom Limb comes back to stir up some trouble, and Professor Impossible returns!


Dean is pushed towards college by Rusty while Hank tries to and almost joins SPHINX with Brock. The Phantom Limb returns with a formation of a new league of villains consisting (so far) of himself, Professor Impossible and Baron Ünderbheit.


The episode opens with Dean and Hank in their hyper-learning beds, finally completing the high school portion of their education and receiving a recorded congratulation from the original Team Venture. The perspective then switches over to The Council of 13 trying to find a replacement member for Councilman 8, who argues that just because he and Councilman 3 are joined together at the head it does not mean they are one person, pointing out that they do not even vote the same. The camera pans down to show a limbless Phantom Limb having his compadre "Wisdom" (who is a coffee mug) taken away while in a Guild holding cell. The guards outside his cell deposit Wisdom in a filing drawer along with Limb's other possessions. Phantom Limb is then able to telepathically control his invisible severed limbs, "Lieutenant Shankly" and "Armando", which are also in the drawer. By manipulating Wisdom, the shoe known as "Lady Nightshade" and the toaster known as "Chuck", they cause havoc in the compartment room. The guards rush in and are ambushed by the items which kill the two in a very creative fashion. After the coast is cleared, the items bust into Phantom Limb's cell and his two limbs reattach to his body, leaving him still missing an arm and a leg.

Now the Venture boys can be seen being interviewed for college by Billy Quizboy, who discovers- to the dismay of Rusty - that Hank did not actually graduate. The segment with the Venture family ends with Rusty trying to push a career as a super scientist onto Dean. Now a panoramic view of several out of commission Super Villains and veterans are shown in front of Impossicorp before a security guard comes to clear them away. Upon telling them to leave, he is attacked by one nearest him. It is the phantom Limb, and he disguises himself in the guard's uniform to break into Imposicorp, where we are shown Professor Impossible has literally strewn himself out in despair over losing his wife to Jonas Venture. After a brief intervention by the Phantom Limb, the two tentatively join forces to stop Phage, Impossible's arch, from alerting the guild of Limb's escape.

Joined by malicious intent to take revenge on those that have wronged them, the duo of Professor Impossible and Phantom Limb make for State University to clone Limb's missing extremities. Coincidentally Dean and Rusty are visiting in an attempt to have Dean admitted into the university under "a legacy admission." Back at the Venture Compound, Hank is attempting to join S.P.H.I.N.X. in a very obnoxious manner that nearly results with Brock's death in a mission with a rookie recruit. After convincing Gathers and Shoreleave to give him an admission test, Hank passes the obstacles in an almost effortless manor, all shown in a glorious montage with Phage's testimony to the Guild spliced in.

Finished with his mission, Brock walks into S.P.H.I.N.X. headquarters bitching about the mission with his rookie partner who scampers off. Gathers and Shoreleave giggly tell him they have his new partner in the mindwipe-race machine. When Brock opens it in disbelief to find Hank, Hank reveals that he had tinfoil wrap and ask for another test. A flash over to State University shows Phantom Limb with the schematics for his cloning machine, but he is cornered by Guild Diamond Dogs that give him a warning from the Sovereign to end the feud. He rejects the warning and proceeds to make an escape. He is foiled when a group of Guild Strangers corner him with the Diamond Dogs. Utilizing his electrical powers, he manages to commandeer a Dog and cause enough havoc to destroy the Guild forces and make his escape with Professor Impossible. As the two leave campus, the Ventures are being escorted out as Dean has been rejected from the university.

In the final segment of the episode, we are shown a meeting between a sobbing Hank and Brock. Brock attempts and fails to dissuade Hank from the life of a super spy until he tells Hank that a high school diploma is a requirement to join. Frustrated, Hank pounds his head on the printer segment of the bed, which ejaculates a crumbled but glorious high school diploma with Hank's name on it. To the requirements Brock adds that you must be 18. Hank frustratingly bangs his head on the bed again having the news given to him that besides his age he is the perfect S.P.H.I.N.X.super spy candidate.

The post credits scene shows Phantom Limb restored to full health, congratulating Professor Impossible. Professor Impossible refutes his moniker and begins to think of a more sinister alias to be called by to match his new villain persona. The episode ends with the formation of a new organization of villains consisting of Professor Impossible and Phantom Limb, but the two are joined at the last second by a disgraced Baron Ünderbheit who feebly announces his desire to join them.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Names on the back wall of the Guild wall filing room:
Truckules Chairman Wow Mommy Longlegs
Manaconda Alan Think Manta Claus Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
(handwritten over a crossed out "Dr. Girlfriend")
Laser Zeppelin Half-Jackal The Monarch Phantom Limb Flying Squid Phage Human Zoo
Crime-O-Dile Skorpio Suggesto King Gorilla Baron Ünderbheit Mr. Polygamy
Omega Ape Stormfront Iron Anvil Periphero Nat King Cobra Fat Chance

Names on the right(?) wall:

Vain Gloria Helicoptro Omega Ape Manaconda Notorious Headface
Tiny Joseph Tiny Eagle Sgt. Hatred Franklin Mint Troublemaster
Laser Floyd The Zoocreeper Rick Danger Unicornelius The Living Hell
  • Dr. Venture says that the boys have been "around the globe more times than Gaetan Dugas." Gaetan Dugas was a flight attendant whose sexual promiscuity contributed to the spread of HIV/AIDS among the gay community, earning him the epithet "Patient Zero."
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Phantom Limb
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Sgt. Hatred
Hunter Gathers
Roy Brisby
Doc Hammer Billy Quizboy
Shore Leave
Red Mantle
Bill Hader Professor Impossible
T. Ryder Smith Baron Underbheit
Dean Harris
Otto Aquarius
Paul Boocock Jonas Venture Sr
University President
Homeless Vet

Ladysmith Black Mambazo!

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