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Dr. Phineas Phage

Phineas phage.png

"The nucleotide has turned!"
Other Names
Real Name: Phineas Phage
1st appearance: Pomp & Circuitry
Voice Artist: Bill Hader
The Guild of Calamitous Intent


A foe of Professor Impossible's, he is apparently an evil biologist, assisted by four young henchpeople called the Pro-Teens. He goes by Phineas Phage and actually shows some genuine concern for Impossible when he turns into a recluse. By being a stickler for Guild rules and a tattle tale, he ultimately helps cement the alliance between Professor Impossible and The Phantom Limb.

His powers and abilities, if any, are thus far unknown, though the lower legs of his outfit can function as helicopter blades, allowing him to fly.

On the Council of 13, Phineas Phage replaced The Clue Clown as Councilman 4, where his profile and voice are immediately discernable to Red Mantle.

Episode Appearances[edit]

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