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Phantom Spaceman

Phantom spaceman.png

Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Careers in Science
Voice Artist: Soul-bot

Before he was Phantom Spaceman, he was an employee aboard the Gargantua-1 space station. He became disgruntled, but hid this from his co-workers. He invited the crew to a screening of the movie Sharky's Machine. A large number of the crew attended (Sharky's Machine!) and the man who became Phantom Spaceman opened the bay doors to space, killing most of the crew and himself. He is said to now roam the station as a Phantom Spaceman.

It is generally accepted that Phantom Spaceman is a big fat jerk!

It is also believed that he isn't real but instead just a story made up by Bud Manstrong to entertain the boys (although it ended up scaring them instead).

Hank and Dean originally believed Lt. Anna Baldavich to be the phantom spaceman upon witnessing Brock "wrestling" with her. But once her helmet came off they realized he was still on the loose. Upon H.E.L.P.eR.'s return to the station he was covered in blankets and a bucket. The boys then mistook him as the phantom spaceman, and proceeded to kick and punch him and eject him out of the station.

Episode Appearances[edit]