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Patrick Warburton


Birthdate: Nov. 14, 1964
Notable Characters
Brock Samson

Best known for his role as David Puddy in Seinfeld, Mr. Warburton also played the role of The Tick in the live action series. Both the Tick live action series and animated series had Jackson Publick as a writer. Warburton has also become fairly well known for voicing paraplegic police officer Joe on Family Guy. And, of course, he voices Brock Samson on the Venture Bros.

To silence the rumors that had been floating around about Warburton's absence through most of the 4th season, Jackson Publick has this to say on his LiveJournal:

Brock's absence has nothing to do with Patrick Warburton. He didn't ask for more money, he's not too busy for us, he hasn't refused to come back or anything of the sort. It was a creative choice on our part, and Brock WILL be back in the show at some point. Just not this week. Or next.

He returns in "Pinstripes & Poltergeists."

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