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The Venture Bros. episode
Past Tense
Season 1
Orig. Airdate October 16, 2004
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 1-12
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Tag-Sale -- You're it! 11 The Trial of the Monarch


A funeral for an old college buddy leads Dr. Venture and Brock into the clutches of a madman. While they are forced to relive the past, it is up to Hank, Dean and the original Team Venture to save the day.


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Rusty is arguing with the boys and Brock about the usefulness of helping out the ant people while dressing for a special occasion. He accidentally pushes a lever which makes the X-1 crash into a grave yard, digging up corpses all over the place. When the X-1 finally stops in front of an ongoing burial, Rusty pokes his head out the window and asks about the Sorayama funeral, to which the priest points to a chapel up on a hill.

Inside the chapel, with the service going on, Hank asks whether the dead guy is related to them. Rusty tells Hank he's an old college buddy, which launches him into a flashback. College Rusty is talking to his dad on the phone, trying to be all cool, and hangs up on him. Young Mike Sorayama asks Rusty if he can talk to Jonas because he's interested in asking him about robotics. Rusty responds that robots are just a fad and that Mike would do better to major in Betamax. He rags on Mike for taking Chem. 1, but Mike says he's tutoring Leslie Cohen. Pete White walks in and says Mike has a Tiny Chiney Chubby for her. Rusty tells the boys that none of these guys were his room mates, they just hung out at his dorm a lot. The honor of room mate fell to Brock, who Rusty hadn't met yet but assumed was some fat loser kid. Pete White goes on to talk about his room mate, the very uncool Werner Ünderbheit, and how his Christmas gift, Manservant, sleeps in the closet. They make fun of Werner's hair cut and eyebrows, which send Rusty into a tirade about this kid in his creative writing class who writes some way-too-specific poems about butterflies.

As the service is wrapping up, Hank asks if the guys went to "Super no-way school" as he finds it hard to believe that they all attended college together. The priest says Mike Sorayama's last wish was that he be escorted to his eternal resting place by T.S. Venture, Pete White, Brock Samson and Werner Ünderbheit. When they step up to the coffin and grab onto it, the coffin latches onto each, gases them, and takes of flying with the group en-tow.

The boys call The Monarch to see if he's behind the event but The Monarch says he doesn't have anything planed till the following week. Dean, in all his wussyness, insists that he and Hank are not old enough to look for Rusty and the others on their own, and enlists the help of the Original Team Venture. The team consists of Col. Horace Gentleman, Kano, Otto Aquarius and The Action Man. Meanwhile, at Mike Sorayama's dungeons, the "fembots" put the gang in a holding cell and and gas them again to wake them up. After some discussion between Brock and Ünderbheit, Mike Sorayama comes on in a monitor. Rusty demands to know why they are locked up in a dungeon and Mike tells them to look around. Brock notices that the robots look like Leslie Cohen and Mike tells the gang he has a list of wrongdoings the guys put him through.

In the X-1 hangar, Team Venture is trying to figure out who kidnapped rusty. They hear a noise and get startled, Action Man starts his trademark gung-ho shooting and he hit's Dr. O who has "turned to snakes" Dean tells Team Venture to stop, that it's just Dr. O who has suffered a flesh wound. Dr. O informs The Action Man that he will die in 2 years and 17 days from a stroke and leaves. The team follows a tracking device/molar to a college dorm room which turns up empty for Rusty. Col. Gentleman asks the boys to remember anything that could give them a clue, Hank tries to say Sorayama, and the college kid asks if Professor Sorayama is dead, because he doesn't want to keep busting his butt on the term paper he's writing.

In the meantime, Mike is going through his list. Ünderbheit gave Mike oregano, which he's allergic to and almost killed him but more importantly, he had to cancel a "study date" with Leslie. Pete made fun of him on the radio, which Pete defends himself by saying he got kicked off the air for his remarks. And Mike seeks revenge on Rusty because he had fake sex on graph paper with a Leslie Gollum and because he thinks Rusty slept with Leslie (for real) that night. Rusty says he didn't loose his virginity till he was 24 and points to Brock who has just managed to escape from his bonds.

By this time Team Venture has broken into Mike's lair and is dressing as the Lesliebots. To their extreme misfortune, Brock, upon seeing them goes utterly ape shit and starts mangling everybody. The battle coincides with a terrible beating Brock gave all the guys in college while in a drunken rage. The whole affair ends when Brock throws Otto through a wall, and he lands on Mike, killing him. When the Ventures go and survey the damage, they find Sorayama's decapitated robot body. Dean deduces that the Mike Sorayama that subjected them to this was a ghost-robot and that the real Mike Sorayama is alive and hiding in the casket. Dean opens the casket and throws up. Mike Sorayama really is dead. The Ventures take off, leaving Underbheit and Pete still in the dungeon.

In the ending scene, young Brock tells young Rusty that he got a phone call about his dad dying.

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Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Col. Gentleman
The Action Man
Mr. White
The Monarch
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus
Special Guest Star Steve Park Mike Sorayama
Paul Boocock Priest 1
Jonas Venture
T. Ryder Smith Baron Underbheit
Otto Aquarius
Lisa Hammer Jeanie
Leslie Cohen
Richard Liebman-smith Priest 2

Steffan Vala College Student
and the steely Soul-bot as H.E.L.P.eR.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo!

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