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The People's Republic of Venture held a small celebration on their forum for the second anniversary of the "new" PRoV forums. The celebration including members submitting something artistic that celebrates the PRoV. So we got lots of neat things to share, both visual and literary. Without further ado!

The celebratory masterpieces![edit]


Damonteufel 1.png

Damonteufel 2.png


Prov anniversary.jpg



The temperature in my part of the world at the moment is 292 degrees Kelvin (19 degrees C), that's Tauranga. What is a single percentage point change in that tereuratpme? It would make it 22 degrees Celsius. It doesn't matter how small a change the climate goes through, what matters is how little people can tolerate changes in the climate.




Doc and Jackson's State
A Glorious Republic
It Cannot Be Stopped
I Pledge Allegiance
My new perfect Asylum
Venture Republic


People's Republic:
It's always an adventure.
Hail Jackson and Doc!


There once was a forum, Pro Vee
With people who thought it would be
Such Venturely fun
For fans, everyone
To chat and to blog on VB
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who's helmet looked quite like a bucket
As a huge VB fan
He thought Brock was "the man"
Although he wasn't so inclined as to *holy dammit Christmas* it.

Mad Mex[edit]

Underbite was born in new glas
and had teeth that were made out of brass.
When he chomped them together, and sang Stormy Weather,
lightning shot out of his a**...


I'm a little JJ short and stout,
this is my lair,
this is my stuff,
when I freed myself
from Rusty's gut
became a
pompous ass.

Bettie Rage[edit]

To the Republic, upon Her Second Birthday: a Sonnet by B. Rage
To cherish our heroes, Jackson and Doc,
Forebears founded our Republic grand;
With forums and rumors (and plenty of bots),
And wise admins to rule the land.

Although the theme is commie red,
True capitalists, we love our ranks -
Hard-earned by posts in ev’ry thread
(Including the Arches’ deviant pranks).

Our waking lives are varied and odd;
A love of all things Venture we share.
We mourn 24 and covet Brock’s bod,
And stitch Doc dolls with painstaking care.

Some collect trifles ‘til they wear dentures -
But us, we love our Republic of Venture!