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Otaku Senzuri


He "loves" technology
Other Names
Real Name: Otaku Senzuri
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: Michael Sinterniklaas


Otaku Senzuri is a technophile ninja who used his skills to get next to technology, like the Oo Ray, for intimate purposes. He lives in Tokyo, Japan and is served by one known henchman named Kikai. Senzuri's ninjutsu skills leave much to be desired; while he is both agile and flexible, he is terrible at hiding, and often overestimates the amount of cover a given position will give him. This eventually leads to his capture at the U.N. Peace Conference when he is caught during an intimate moment with Dr. Venture's invention and attempts to escape by throwing a smoke bomb down and quickly scurrying behind a nearby plant.

Senzuri was known to attend Phantom Limb's party he held in Malice before he lost his home there. He also, along with many other villains from The Guild, helped rebuild The Monarch's Floating Cocoon. Senzuri's name is quite accurate as Otaku in Japanese means "geek" and Senzuri means "masturbation".

Episode Appearances[edit]