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The Orb is a device of unknown purpose, constructed over hundreds of years and inextricably linked with the last several generations of the Guild of Calamitous Intent. According to Lloyd Venture, "Archimedes himself began the construction with little more than a mirror alignment; da Vinci added the gearings; Newton the lenses; Galileo the prisms! All of the great poets, painters, scientists, alchemists and philosophers have had the orb in their hands." It has been theorized to be a great weapon or a power source.

Samuel Clemens, Lloyd Venture, and Fantomas debate using the Orb.
In modern times, the Orb is found in the hands of a pre-Calamitous Intent Guild, who are beset by one-time Guild members Nikola Tesla and the Avon Ladies. A heated argument ensues with Fantomas and most of the other members arguing that the straits are sufficiently dire to use the Orb and Colonel Venture insisting that they must take their time to learn to use it properly. After a particularly vicious volley, Venture finally decide that the others are right and sets about using the Orb, which he believes to be an engine. Unfortunately, his bodyguard Sandow has orders to kill Venture prevent that from happening and breaks the Orb, although he intimates in his instructions to future guardians that he has, in fact, killed Venture.

The secretly non-functional Orb was later hidden in the Frick Museum and a series of covert clues leading to it left in the The Rusty Venture Show. Jonas Venture Sr. would be the most likely suspect for the subterfuge and Hunter Gathers believes him to have perpetrated it, although it has been suggested that Kano, operating under orders similar to Sandow, had to kill Venture, which doesn't seem like it would have come up had Venture merely hidden it.

Master Billy Quizboy, with a lot of help from The Alchemist unraveled the clues and Dr. Venture and Billy were able to track it to the museum where it was being used as a paperweight. During this, Brock discovered that he too had secret orders from OSI to stop this generation's Dr. Venture from using the Orb, although information regarding it is above his clearance level. Brock follows them to the Frick, but sheaths his knife and slips away when Dr. Venture decides his father must have had a good reason for not using the Orb and that he will simply bring it back to the Venture Compound and put it away.

Phantom Limb wields the Orb menacingly.
The Orb remains in the Venture Compound safe until Phantom Limb begins looking for it to use as blackmail against the Guild. The kidnapped Billy Quizboy volunteers its location and the newly combined Red Mantle and Dragoon retrieve it. Phantom Limb threatens to use it unless David Bowie abdicates the position of Sovereign to him. When Bowie cedes leadership to Dean instead, Phantom Limb attempts to use the Orb, but it falls useless to the ground. Red Mantle picks it up . Nothing further is known about the Orb's current whereabouts.

The orb can be won as a item from Brock Samson in Poker Night 2.