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Ook ook fight.png

"Ook-Ook's a mindless savage, and even HE knows when to pull his punches!"
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Now Museum - Now You Don't!
Voice Artist: None
Team Venture


Ook-ook was a member of the original Team Venture. Described by Colonel Gentleman as "a mindless savage," he was most likely a caveman. Very little is known about him, but in the spirit of Team Venture he could either be from a primitive lost tribe of cavemen from some primal place in the world, or possibly brought to the future as a result of a time travel experiment gone awry. Knowing the adventures of Dr. Jonas Venture, either one is plausible.

His adventures with Team Venture and subsequent activities have not yet been elaborated on, but at some point he seems to have been frozen inside a block of ice. It is not explained whether or not this means he is officially alive or dead for plot purposes. In any case, he currently resides in the Jonas Venture Jr. Museum of Jonas Venture as a permanent exhibit.

Colonel Gentleman obviously still carries fond feelings for his former teammate, as he delivers a prompt punch to the face of The Pirate Captain for appearing to refer to Ook-Ook as a "monkey".

Episode Appearances[edit]