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Henchman 21


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Other Names
Real Name: Gary Fisher
Jet Girl
G. Viceroy

Jake Cutter
Two-Ton Twenty-One
Henchman 01
1st appearance: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
Voice Artist: Doc Hammer
The Fluttering Horde
The Orchard Street Wolf Pack (former)
SPHINX (former)

Henchman #21 (real name Gary Fisher) is a soldier and former henchman in The Monarch's Fluttering Horde. For the first four season of the show, he was one of The Monarch's two most loyal henchman alongside Henchman 24. Most recently has been seen in a SPHINX uniform after publicly quitting his Fluttering Horde position.



Gary was kidnapped from an eighth-grade Washington trip by members of The Fluttering Horde at the age of 15. Little is known about his life outside of The Fluttering Horde.

The Fluttering Horde[edit]

As a member of The Horde, #21 was just another one of The Monarch's drones. He worked in the Floating Cocoon, carrying out tasks given to him by The Monarch, including working at consoles, standing as security, and going out on missions. At one point #21 (anonymously) wrote The Flight of the Monarch, a "tell-all" book about The Monarch and life inside the Cocoon. It was his belief that The Monarch would never find out about it, but with his face on the cover it caught his eye in an airport. The Monarch described the book as "nothing but lies and pictures of also lies" and killed another henchman that he believed to be the author.

#21 became close friends and frequent companion of #24, partnering with him on missions and being each others confidantes. The duo became The Monarch's go-to men–with him once describing them as having a "rare blend of invulnerable and expendable"–despite their ignorance of basic commands and codes.

Early on, #21 aspires to grow a ponytail, the result of which accidentally led directly to the deaths of 14th pair of Hank and Dean Venture clones.

On his own[edit]

When The Monarch is imprisoned for his believed responsibility in the disappearance of a police officer, only #21 and #24 remain loyal. After visiting him in prison they carry out a number of orders, including destroying the Cocoon and killing the then-current Wonder Boy. After a visit, #24 decides that #21 needs a haircut. Pulling over to ask the Venture brothers (whom the did not recognize) directions, #21 accidentally discharges a shotgun, blowing up their hover bikes and leaving them dead on the side of the road.

With The Monarch still in prison, #21 moves back in to his mother's house, from where he runs the "Atomic Comic Collection Connection". He also begins attending Henchman Anonymous meetings, encouraging other former henchmen to return to the henching life. While at an HA meeting he conceives the idea to take The Monarch's arching position under the name The Viceroy. This doesn't come to fruition, but he does reconnect with #24, having lost contact since neither of them knew anything about the others personal lives.

Back to the Cocoon[edit]

When The Monarch escapes prison both #21 and #24 return to him immediately. Together they reposition the Cocoon and recruit replacement henchmen for the Fluttering Horde members that defected to Monstroso. The replacement henchmen, all inner city thugs, show #21 and #24 no respect, which only endear the new guys to The Monarch. An attempt to be renumbered #1 and #2 for all of their loyalty and hard work is denied. With the replacement henchman going rogue, it's #21's stash of collectibles that he, The Monarch, #24, and Dr. Venture attempt to use to take back the Cocoon.

While still working for The Monarch, #21 revives his idea to become a costumed villain on his own. He makes a fake "Worldwide Arching License" under the name "Jake Cutter". He attempts to draw #24 in so they can work as a team as Jet Boy and Jet Girl (inspired by the song), taking Jet Girl for his name. Their costume consists of coveralls acquired from Double Dare (still stained with Gak) and a pair of jet-packs stolen from Sergeant Hatred. Their new personas don't work out, as #21 is too heavy to be lifted by one jet-pack and #24 sets himself on fire.

With that dream dashed, #21 rededicated himself to The Monarch and The Horde, taking a more active role in leading. On the eve of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend's wedding, the Henchmen continued The Monarch's bachelor party without him. While out drinking, #21 finally sits to get a tattoo (of a butterfly on hs lower back) he's been wanting for months. It happens to be at the same parlor Brock Samson is getting work done and a battle ensues which the Horde actually wins. Having captured Brock, #21 leads the henchmen on an assault on the Venture Compound to snatch Dr. Venture and his children. Their victory couldn't have come at a worse time, as The Monarch had just promised his future-wife he would stop arching Venture. To cover it up, the Ventures are invited to the wedding, with #21 watching over Hank until it's time. While hanging out, Hank and #21 become friendly through playing with his collectables and #21 lets Hank borrow a false beard from his Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces doll.

The wedding is assaulted by Phantom Limb and cohorts and during the battle (led by Brock) #21 fails at numerous tasks. Luckily, his suit saves his from drowning when it deploys a life jacket.

It falls to The Horde to repair the Cocoon while Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch are on their honeymoon. Tim-Tom and Kevin (The Moppets), Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's henchmen from her past, take the reigns as the highest ranking soldiers still alive. #21 and #24 call in Brock Samson hoping he will fight and/or kill The Moppets, only to have them talk Brock into helping them with the repairs.

#21 and #24 clash with The Moppets (now Pupae Twins) repeatedly, with the Twins actively trying to murder the Monarch's men. They also join The Monarch on an (illegal, spur of the moment) assault on the Venture Compound, during which #21 informs Hank that he is "immortal", recounting a number of deaths he himself witnessed before shooting him in the chest. Unbeknownst to #21 at the time, his weapon was a non-lethal tranquilizer.

Later, as a member of the new Alpha Team, he goes on a (this time legal) raid of the Venture Compound. The entire time he has to pee and is excused from his part of the plan (locate and kill (not subdue) HELPeR) so he can find a bathroom. Unfortunately Team Venture had just gone on the lam as Brock is being hunted by a trio of OSI assassins.

When the Ventures return home they are met by OSI and Monarch men. With a pitched battle in the offing, #21 and #24 avoid it by hiding in the Monarchmobile. Their plan nearly works, until HELPeR steals the Monarchmobile, drives it to the battlefield and explodes. While #21 escapes unharmed, #24 is trapped by his seat belt and dies in the explosion.


Directly after #24's death, #21 leaves The Monarch and trains with the LARPing group Orchard Street Wolf Pack, hoping to gain skills to never lose a friend again. The Wolf Pack returns to the Venture Compound in a stolen (and graffitied extensively) X-1 where #21 asks Dr. Venture to clone his dead friend. Venture informs him that the clone would be a baby with no memories of his previous life and #21 presses on vowing to "raise him as [his] own." He offers to compensate Venture with a 9.6 rated (near "dead mint condition") copy of Marvel Comics #1 valued at $500,000. Dr. Venture does not believe that a comic book–especially one with a price of 10¢ on the cover–can be worth what #21 claims it is and gives it to Hank who promptly opens it and sends its value down by the second. Nonetheless, Dr. Venture attempts the cloning, which fails, leaving #21 to seek out necromancer Dr. Orpheus for help. Sadly, Orpheus says he can't bring #24 back.

His best friend dead and his training complete, #21 returns to the Horde a new man. He rises to the rank of General and should be Henchman #1, but he refuses to be called anything but 21 (lower henchmen refer to him as "Two-Ton Twenty One" when he is out of earshot). As General, he is a revered and near legendary figure to the other henchmen. Much tougher now, #21 takes active charge of the henchmen, giving orders and making the Cocoon more efficient. He also sports a stubbly beard on occasion, retractable blades in his gloves, and a tattoo on his stomach reading "HENCH4LIFE".

Two-Ton Twenty-One & #24's Ghost[edit]

"2-Ton" 21 and Ghost 24, discussing life's mysteries.

Even though he is even more The Monarch's go-to guy, #21 suffers internally from mental stresses related to the death of #24. He keeps #24's skull and begins seeing and speaking to #24's ghost, which leads him to seeking revenge against whomever is responsible for his friends death. He sets up his own, off book, "Project Lazarus", a list of people possibly responsible for him to investigate and find the truth. He enlists some henchmen and sneaks into the Venture Compound to abduct Hank and Dean venture. Alone, he takes them to a tree-house on The Monarchs's property and attempts to interrogate them through torture despite it being against Guild of Calamitous Intent bylaws. During his discussion with the Venture Brothers, #21 begins to blame himself for #24's death, turns the boys loose, and lays himself on his table for self administered Chinese Water Torture. The Monarch discovers the tree-house and #21 inside. They have a conversation about #21's place in the Fluttering Horde, with Monarch accusing him of trying to phase The Monarch out and take over. #21 admits that he simply does not have the "natural hate" to be a villain, and re-pledges himself to The Monarch.

It's #21 that The Monarch has accompany him for a meeting with Monstroso to set up a deal to take the Venture Compound by legal trickery. During the meeting, #24's ghost helps #21 neutralize Monstroso's men by telling him when and how they were planning to strike.

Eventually #21 is given full charge of the henchmen, leading them on missions. When one such mission fails, he designs new henchmen uniforms and weaponry, but their exorbitant cost causes Dr. Mrs. The Monarch to dismiss them as a pipe dream. When the Monarch spends millions of dollars on a personal "Butter-Glider", the henchmen are riled up. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and #21 have a conversation that ends with the decision that finally dispatching the Ventures would free up the Monarch for more classic villainy like robbing banks or ransoming the moon. The henchmen go on "strike", during which they storm the Venture Compound without being under Monarch or Guild control.The Monarch finds out and shows up before the striking henchmen actually get into the Venture home and hands #21 his "dropped" goggles as an out for his insubordination.

As The Monarch's top man, #21 is captured by "Zeus" and forced to fight in a tournament. It's him (after consulting with #24's ghost) that figures out that Zeus is actually Henchman 1, who #21 and #24 abandoned for dead during a previous raid on Jonas Venture Jr.'s Spider-Skull Island base. #21 leads the other captured henchmen and sidekicks in a battle against their captor, freeing them all.

Later, The Monarch builds his Monarch Mind Infractor and it falls to #21 and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch to monitor and guard his body while he is (illegally) sneaking around Dr. Ventures mind. #21 and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch bond over classic Star Trek, but bad timing means a Monarch ordered inspection of every room takes place while The Monarch is using the machine. Acting quickly, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and #21 act like they are having a fetishy three-way to make Tim-Tom and Kevin decide against doing an actual investigation of the room.

#21 decides to sneak on to the Venture Compound to bury #24's skull. While he's there Shore Leave and Sgt. Hatred both take up positions to monitor and/or kill him. They get into a fight over who is the best shot, taking shots around or (non-lethally at) #21. Hatred misses a shot at #21's boot, hitting him the chest. He's saved by his armor, but knocked unconscious, so Shore Leave takes him back to SPHINX HQ to take care of him. While there, #21 sees that it was SPHINX that kidnapped Monstroso and is instantly impressed by SPHINX's tactics. When a number of intruders arrive at the Venture Compound, Shore Leave asks #21 if he would like to help in the defense since the majority of SPHINX agents are out on a mission with Brock and Hunter Gathers. #21 accepts, dons the SPHINX uniform, and becomes a valuable member of the team as he's been storming the place since he was 15 and he knows the Compound grounds like the back of his hand. He even has weapons and supplies secreted around. A sudden revelation that he's fighting for the good guys takes him by shock. Since he's there, and he helped, Hank invited #21 to the Venture Homeschool Prom.

During the prom it becomes clear to #21 that #24's ghost is not actually #24's ghost when one of his "dead advisers" (Mr. Wendal of Arrested Development) is actually quite alive and even friends with Jefferson Twilight. The revelation causes #24's ghost to vanish and #21 to have a small breakdown. The Monarch (also at the prom) asks a depressed #21 what exactly his plan is to ruin the prom. #21 tells him he's not there to arch, just to bury his dead friend's skull. Deciding he actually likes the people at the prom, #21 quits the Fluttering Horde, yelling about how he's "probably in love" with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. The Monarchs are indifferent to his feelings, mentioning that they are swingers and that The Monarch doesn't care about them making out over his unconscious body. #21 stays behind at the prom when the Monarchs leave.


#21 is later seen as an active member of SPHINX, being interviewed in uniform at HQ for From the Ladle to the Grave a documentary about Shallow Gravy. However, Gary's stint with Sphinx would be short-lived. With SPHINX vacated by all other members at the beginning of season 5, Gary, left with an empty SPHINX compound and little to do, began fighting crime of his own accord. However, after stepping on the OSI's feet one too many times - and putting out recruitment ads, only to unwittingly recruit the original, villainous members of SPHINX back, who proceeded to hijack the new SPHINX and attack OSI headquarters in a suicidal bid for revenge - the remnants of SPHINX are demolished by the OSI (along with Dean and Sgt. Hatred, but that's a separate story altogether).

Gary lingered for a time in the woods at the margins of the Venture compound, armed with a stick, before offering his services back to the Monarchs at the end of Season 5. He is now the only surviving henchman of the Fluttering Horde, as the Cocoon was destroyed at the end of 'The Devil's Grip'.



He has captured Hank several times and has helped on some adventures.


#24 was #21's best friend and closest companion. They shared a number of personality traits and spent their free time debating many of the world's pressing issues including the taxonomic classification of Smurfs and the outcome of fist fights between alleged axe murderers and adolescent holocaust victims.

Their relationship was so strong, that after #24's death #21 believed he was in contact with #24's ghost. On at least one occasion #24 doubted his own ghosts existence, saying #21's improvement at his job is likely due to the study and training he went through with the Wolf Pack.

The Monarch[edit]

Despite being forced to join The Fluttering Horde (whilst on school tour) and at least two attempts at striking out on his own, #21 was a loyal devotee of The Monarch.

Before #24's death, #21 was fairly incompetent as a henchman. He was unaware how to work most of the gadgets, the capability of weapons, and the features on his suit. After #24's death he becomes a much better henchman, going so far as to design a new henchmen uniform and install strict rules and regulations throughout the Cocoon.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch[edit]

From very early on, #21 has an obvious crush on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (nee' Girlfriend). He frequently fantasizes about getting with her and even makes fake porn featuring her. Over time the crush develops into what #21 thinks might be love. His feelings are complicated when he and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch make-out during a faked three-way (involving leather, gags, and a cheerleader uniform) over The Monarch's body.

He cites these confusing feelings When he finally quits the Fluttering Horde.

Brock Samson[edit]

#21 originally has the adversarial relationship with Brock Samson that any henchman would against a bodyguard. Like other henchmen, #21 puts Brock and his skills on a pedestal. Unlike other henchman, #21 takes the first chance he's given to engage Brock in a one-on-one battle with what he thinks is a working lightsaber. Since it isn't, Brock scares him away. After both the monarch and dr venture get in trouble with monstroso they team up to get back at him.

After his additional training he and Brock seem to have formed a grudging mutual respect.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • He runs the Atomic Comic Collection Connection from his mom's house when he's not henching.
  • His stash of "toys" ranges from rare items like the rare Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces to currently marketed collectables like a replica Lord of the Rings sword and even actual toys like Hulk Hands and Magic: The Gathering cards.
  • He played keytar at The Monarch's wedding.
  • His training with the Wolf Pack was so efficient that he can now hold his own against Brock Samson.
  • He painted a memorial mural on the side of Dr. Venture's X-1 jet to honor his friend Henchman 24.
  • One of the working titles for "Project Lazarus" was "Eye for an I".
  • He is on friendly enough terms with Brock and Shore Leave, teaming up with both of them on separate occasions.
  • 'Viceroy' is the name of a species of Butterfly which mimics the Monarch Butterfly in colouration.

Episode Appearances[edit]