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The Venture Bros. episode
Now Museum - Now You Don't!
Season 3
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Orig. Airdate July 27, 2008
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 3-35
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Tears of a Sea Cow 35 The Lepidopterists

Working Title(s)
Now Museum - Now You Don't!


JJ decides to create a museum in honor of his late father, Dr. Jonas Venture Sr., on Spider-Skull Island. He invites his family, his father's surviving friends and enemies, as well as a host of other people who knew Jonas. Unfortunately, Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.'s enemies, aching for revenge, decide to crash the party.


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As the episode opens with a flashback to 30 years ago, the Fraternity of Torment has decided to have their first meeting on Spider-Skull Island. The members of the group include Brainulo, Scaramantula, Manotaur, and Dr. Fanadragon. They plan on discussing how to thwart Dr. Jonas Venture by kidnapping his son Rusty and demanding that Dr. Venture show within a hour or his son will be fed to piranhas. And while the Fraternity is celebrating their devious plan, Dr. Fanadragon reveals himself to be Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. and calls in Team Venture who bursts in using a giant drill. Scaramantula hastily hits the button to drop Rusty into the pool of piranhas, but Otto Aquarius quickly rescues him and calls on the piranhas to attack the Fraternity's henchmen. Manotaur makes a break for Otto but is quickly lit on fire by Kano, while Brainulo calls upon his giant robot, Futuro, to attack Team Venture. Humongoloid, breaks in and quickly takes care of Brainulo and Futuro as well as quite a few henchmen in the process. Meanwhile Scaramantula takes off down a secret corridor and sets off a self-destruct sequence. Team Venture rallies to find the bomb, but their concerns are quickly put to rest when the detonator freezes up. Relieved, Team Venture makes Spider-Skull Island their new base. A young Professor Richard "Dicky" Impossible is on hand to photograph their triumph.

Fast forward to the present, Dr. Jonas Venture Jr. (JJ) has decided to open Spider Skull Island to the public by setting up a Jonas Venture Museum. Among the dignitaries are both the current Team Venture (Thaddeus, Brock, Dean, Hank Venture, and H.E.L.P.eR) and the former Team Venture (the Action Man, Kano, Otto Aquarius and Humongoloid (Dr. Entmann), as well as Swifty and Hector, while Ook-Ook is frozen in a block of ice). Also at the party is Conjectural Technologies, various government dignitaries, and the Fraternity of Torment themselves (excluding the deceased Manotaur, killed mistakenly by Phantom Limb). Although they are retired and officially at peace with each other, The Fraternity and the original Team Venture still bear deep ill-will towards each other. They spend most of the evening bickering over old scores.

Over in the hanger, a drunk and disheveled Professor Impossible has arrived and manages to sloppily land his plane. Not only is he drunk and bitter, but his estranged wife Sally is furious that he was invited without her knowledge. Scaramantula and company make their way into the hanger from the corridor and are greeted by JJ who shows them to their tables where they are reunited with Dr. Entmann (aka Humungaloid). Meanwhile, Sally Impossible meets up with Professor Impossible, and immediately demands the divorce papers. Still clearly reeling from the loss of his wife, he claims to have forgotten them, and Sally expresses her impatience and disgust for his appearance before storming off.

Team Venture has set up an autograph table and are making a nice profit, while Scaramantula and Brainulo have set up a nearby rival autograph table which has a much longer line. Dr. Venture and company make their way to the Team Venture autograph table and Rusty takes the opportunity to berate the Team and blame them for his father's untimely (and thus far unexplained) death. Colonel Gentleman promptly shows up at that exact moment to deliver a swift fist to Rusty's jaw for "breaking his daughter's heart" (presumably referring to his step-daughter Dr. Tara Quymn in the events of Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman). Gentleman, who was presumed dead by the Ventures after the boys found his "dead" body during the events of Twenty Years to Midnight, declares that he had merely gone into a diabetic coma after binging on Mallomars and Yoo-hoo when his concubine and manservant Kiki left him, and was later revived when Kiki decided to come back. Gentlemen has brought copies of his new book of memoirs to sell, including lurid details of his latter-day gay sexual encounters with celebrities such as writer Gore Vidal and Apollo 8 astronaut Wally Schirra.

Additionally, the Pirate Captain is run ragged around the island by order of Jonas Junior. Frazzled by the constant order giving, he unintentionally walks into Sally Impossible's room where she is changing, causing both of them to scream and the stress to cause her skin to become transparent, with the shocked Pirate Captain later noting "That was messed up on a lot of levels!".

Unbeknownst to all, Brainulo, while pretending to be senile, is attempting to re-activate his old robot telepathically, which Scaramantula notices. The two decide to reunite and seek revenge on Team Venture. Using his psychic powers, Brainulo starts to amplify the bad feelings of everyone in the room. He telepathically taunts Richard Impossible for losing his wife to JJ, mocks the Pirate Captain and crewmen for their subservience, and goads Thaddeus into blaming the original Team Venture for his father's death. Soon, this starts to manifest itself -- Richard awkwardly tries to commit suicide in front of everyone by jumping off a catwalk (the fall doesn't injure him at all, but embarrasses Sally), Jonas and Sally begin to have a series of unseemly arguments in front of the guests, and finally, the Captain and his crew attempt a mutiny (and are immediately set upon by the Original Team Venture). Brainulo has little effect, however, on Pete White because, curiously, Pete's only passionate thoughts at the time are about "the mother from [the TV show] Growing Pains".

Oh yeah, that episode where they showed her in the bathtub?

Meanwhile, the current Team Venture prudently leaves before the fracas reaches a fever pitch. During the melee, a projector is knocked on, which shows a quick film describing what a positive impact Dr. Jonas Venture Sr. had on the world. This display of sentimentality causes everyone to stop fighting. Still trying to activate Futuro, Brainulo overexerts himself and short-circuits his neural implants. Jonas Jr., seeing that his party is back online, asks Rusty Venture to speak only to find that his brother has already left. This surprise is cut short by the re-activation of the Spider Skull Island self-destruct mechanism. Brainulo and Scaramantula escape after unsuccessfully trying to disarm it and the current Team Venture leaves just as the countdown begins, with Brock and Thaddeus jadedly sharing a joke at the idea of bailing his brother out of the mess he has made. The countdown continues as the credits roll.

In the epilogue, Spider Skull Island seems covered in Professor Richard Impossible's distended body, like a gigantic deflated hot-air balloon. It is revealed that he put his mouth over the device and contained the blast within his own elastic body, saving everyone's life. Sally calmly notes his selflessness and gives him a small peck on the cheek before walking away arm-in-arm with JJ. As The Professor retracts back to normal size and lies on the floor in misery, the Pirate Captain slyly suggests that the Professor was actually trying to commit suicide.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The opening sequence involving Jonas Sr. poorly disguised as an Asian person is a reference to the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice, in which Bond disguises himself as Japanese. Scaramantula's comments about the "Asian" Jonas being "uncharacteristicly hirsute" likely refer to Sean Connery's noted hairiness.
  • The Rosenbergs that JJ mentions were two American citizens that were found guilty on charges of passing secrets to Russia about the American atomic bomb.
  • Colonel Gentlemen dismissively refers to Brock as "Prince Adam" (He-Man's true identity) as a dig at his blonde mullet and uber-muscular physique.
  • During Action Man's conversation with Brock, a man rolls by in a wheelchair. Only the back of him is seen, but it is recognizably Mr. Brisby. His bodyguard can also be seen in the background a few frames later.
  • A young Phantom Limb can be seen in a picture that Mr. Impossible is longingly looking at, suggesting Limb was part of the Boys' Brigade (later confirmed in the season 4 episode Pomp and Circuitry).
  • Jonny Quest can briefly be seen wandering around the party.
  • Ook Ook is likely a reference to any number of cavemen from the second-tier Hanna Barbera cartoons. His tattered clothes and large club are classic elements to the caveman archetype.

[edit] Voice Talent
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Jonas Venture Jr.
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Pirate Captain
Col. Gentleman
The Action Man
Prof. Impossible
Pete White
Additional Pirates
Doc Hammer Billy Quizboy
Extra Pirates
Paul Boocock Dr. Jonas Venture Sr.
More Pirates
Mia Barron Sally Impossible
Stephen DeStefano Dr. Entmann
and Toby Huss as Scaramantula