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Nikki Fictel is Dermott Fictel's mother, though he believes her to be his sister. She became pregnant with him as a result of sleeping with Rusty when she was fifteen. During this time she was the president of the Rusty Venture Fan Club and lied to Rusty about her age, telling him she was 20. After finding out about the pregnancy, Nikki's mother Margaret Fictel blackmailed Rusty for money and threatened to have him arrested for statutory rape if he didn't write them a check. Rusty agreed to this compromise and Margaret raised Dermott as her own son.

Years later Nikki took Hank's Virginity before he found out the truth of Dermott's lineage. She mentions to him that she has a thing for boy adventurers, especially ones like Hank, who she believes to be iron-willed.


  • Because of her, Hank and Rusty are Eskimo Brothers (Same trailer and everything).
  • She is approximately thirty-two.
  • Billy Quizboy may know her secret.
  • After finding out her secret and sleeping with her, Hank voluntarily had his memory wiped.
  • She is the character whose design was revealed on Adult Swim.