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Ned smile.png

Other Names
Real Name: Ned
1st appearance: Ice Station -- Impossible!
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch


Ned is Sally Impossible's and Cody's mentally challenged cousin.

She was showing him the Impossible Building when one of Richard Impossible's devices malfunctioned. The accident immediately caused massive mutations in Sally, her brother Cody, Professor Impossible and Ned.

Ned's three-inch-thick skin serves as armor, protecting him from tranquilizer darts, but his eyes are still "as gooey as the next guy's." Ned also developed superhuman strength from his mutation.

In combat Ned flies Mr. Happy Smile, the cone-shaped appendage that is Ventronic's left arm. Mr. Happy Smile's battle function remains unclear; Ned's controls are all toys.

Ned is now living and working with Sally and Jonas Venture Jr..


  • Benjamin Grimm, aka The Thing from the Fantastic Four

Episode Appearances[edit]