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Myra Brandish


Myra Brandish, the confused.
Other Names
Real Name: Myra Brandish
Power Cat
1st appearance: I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills
Voice Artist: Joanna Adler


Myra Brandish is an ex-OSI agent whose first mission was Operation: Rusty's Blanket, in which she acted as a bodyguard for Dr. Venture. It began well, with Myra easily and zealously defending Dr. Venture against the Monarch and other threats. However, she fell obsessively in love with him and they had at least one sexual encounter in the back of Dr. Venture's car. Myra eventually had to be forcibly removed in handcuffs by OSI agents, during which she manages to break free, knock down the agents, and sprints back towards Rusty before being tasered. After she is taken away, an exhausted Rusty turns to the door, where H.E.L.P.eR. is holding the infant Hank and Dean. She was replaced as bodyguard by Brock Samson. In the latest Episode in Season 5, "Momma's Boy" its been offically noted that Myra is not Dean and Hank's mother, as Dr Venture has said he told her that she was their mother but not really.

Myra has apparently returned several times in the intervening years since then, once burning down the Venture house. In another occurrence she sneaked into the Venture compound and pretended to be passed out on the side of the road. When Hank and Dean attempted to help, she knocked them out and took them back to an old motel, telling them that she was their mother and introduced them to a vast number of cats as their siblings. The boys were dubious. When Dr. Orpheus and Dr. Venture attempted to check out of the motel, Myra beat Dr. Orpheus senseless, tied up Dr. Venture, ran over H.E.L.P.eR. and attempted to flee with the entire Venture family, but was stopped by Brock.

The Maternity Question[edit]

It certainly seemed possible that Myra was Hank and Dean's mother, given the timing of her encounter with Dr. Venture, her physical resemblance to Hank, and Dr. Killinger's desire to see her reunited with Dr. Venture, but her delusional state of mind made it hard to confirm. Brock presented an alternate version of events, claiming that she's a deranged and confused ex-tv star who used to play Power Cat on American Gladiators. When the show was canceled, Myra checked herself into an insane asylum and became convinced that she was the mother of the Venture Brothers. This latter tale isn't implausible, but provides no explanation for Dr. Venture's admission that he slept with her nor for the fact that she was definitively Dr. Venture's bodyguard at some point, corroborated by the Monarch and Master Billy Quizboy. It may also be telling that Brock and Dr. Venture seem notably unwilling to talk about Myra and have kept all knowledge of her from the boys, although that could be tied to keeping the boys ignorant of their status as clones or protecting them from an insane woman who is not related to them. In Momma's Boys, Myra admits that she never carried Dean in her womb and so she is not their birth mother and Dr. Venture told Hatred that he convinced Myra that she was Hank and Dean's mother so that she would take care of them.

Episode Appearances[edit]