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Mrs. Manstrong

Mrs manstrong.png

"She tried to free Nelson Mandela under the table."
Other Names
Real Name: Mrs. Manstrong
1st appearance: Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner?
Voice Artist: Joanna Adler


Mrs. Manstrong was Bud Manstrong's overbearing mother. She was married to Senator Manstrong who was equally as prudish as her son. She was very often drunk and even tried to give Brock a handjob under the table at the White House. She was very influencial on her son which led Lincoln's Ghost to believe that Bud was being controlled by his mother through a computer chip in the back of his neck. In the end it turned out the chip had nothing to do with it.

When Lincoln's Ghost burst into the Oval Office Mrs. Manstrong became the second person in history to shoot Abraham Lincoln in the head.

Episode Appearances[edit]