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Mr. Doe & Mr. Cardholder

Doe cardholder.png

Cardholder and Doe, in that order
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: The Lepidopterists
Voice Artist: Doc Hammer as Mr. Cardholder
Christopher McCulloch as Mr. Doe
OSI (formerly)

The Guild of Calamitous Intent


Mr. Doe and Mr. Cardholder are two secretive operatives for the Mister branch of the Office of Secret Intelligence. They claim to be amateur lepidopterists, experts on butterflies, specifically The Monarch and his operation.

The two agents come to the aid of Jonas Venture Jr. after the Monarch is assigned to be the pint-sized Dr. Venture's arch-enemy. As The Monarch has killed almost all of his previous archenemies, the Lepidoterists have given J.J. approval to kill and brought along Brock Samson and his expertise to get the job done.

Later they were (poorly) guarding the Venture family while Brock was out of action, OSI was cleaning up the grounds after the Monarch's battle and Dr. Venture was being investigated for dabbling on cloning; or "being yelled at" as Dean put it. They were both quickly and easily dispatched by Brock using his boots and a Giant Boy Detective book.

Later it is revealed that Doe and Cardholder are moles from the Guild of Calamitous Intent within the OSI. They have attempted to convince General Treister that his chemotherapy has made him a Hulk, so that when the head of the OSI is no longer mentally fit for command, the U.S. government will place control in their hands.

However, Treister was aware that he is not really a Hulk, and furthermore, he knew all along of Doe and Cardholder's treachery. To take them down, Treister had a plant within SPHINX the entire time - Sky Pilot. The "Monstroso" taken to the base was actually a fake containing many SPHINX agents, to arrest Doe and Cardholder when they went to assassinate Monstroso and cover their tracks.


Mr. Doe and Mr. Cardholder are a parody of the "man in black" government agent stereotype with a good bit of pulp noir thrown in. They are nonchalantly and sarcastically overenthusiastic when conversing with each other, caring little if the object of their ridicule is right in front of them.

They also bare strong resemblance to the Detectives in the film Barton Fink (1991), finishing and riffing off of one another's sentences with almost no time in between lines in monotone and little visible levity

Episode Appearances[edit]