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Roy Brisby


"I built an empire on the back of a cartoon bee."
Other Names
Real Name: Roy E. Brisby
1st appearance: The Incredible Mr. Brisby
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch


Roy Brisby is the creator of Bizzy Bee the beloved cartoon character and owner of Brisby Land. His two closest associates were his com-panda, Li-Li, and his bodyguard Mandalay. He contacted Dr. Venture to ask him for his father's notes on cloning. Brisby wished to clone himself so he would be able to live long enough to see the future he was planning, the future of "Brisby Life". His frightening appearance is due to the fact that he suffered a massive stroke after being trapped underneath an animatronic Abraham Lincoln for several hours.

Brisby was associates with Jonas Venture Sr. who helped him design as well as test many of the rides, using his son Rusty as the test subject.


Episode Appearances[edit]