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Lawyer and Super-Villian
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Pinstripes & Poltergeists
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
Mammoth Corporation
Guild of Calamitous Intent


Monstroso is considered the most evil of evil men as he is both a lawyer with the Mammoth Corporation and a super villain licensed with the OSI and Sphinx. His size is enormous, with a lap sufficient for Dr. Girlfriend and a brace of 4 additional revelers as can be seen in a picture in the book The Flight of the Monarch. In O.S.I. Love You, his OSI mugshot profile lists him at 7'4" and 563 lbs. Monstroso is prosperous enough to have employed the bulk of the Monarch's men while he was in prison, no doubt due to his lawyer and super villain vocations. His voice is slightly demonic. His lawyer attire consists of a standard business suit with pinstripes and a red shirt. When he conducts Guild business, however, he dons a red hood with horns, in accordance with Guild code. His coworkers at his law firm don red cowls with black M's on the top when they are portraying his henchmen and do not change out of their own business suits. Among his other diplomas, he has one from the Rancor University of Global Management, alluding to the possibility that he has aspirations for world domination. He wears a ring on his left ring finger suggesting he is married. He smokes cigars and constantly offers them to his guests. He also has a penchant for the double-cross, a fact Dr. Girlfriend reminded The Monarch of when he tried to make a deal with him.

Episode appearance[edit]

He was said to have been at attendance at The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend's wedding, but he was not seen on screen. Brock believed Dean may have been torturing him with Snapple facts, when Dean was, in fact, hallucinating in the bellows of the Cocoon.

In Pinstripes & Poltergeists he tried to double cross the Monarch by seizing his arch-enemy's property and his own through legal means. He was prevented by Henchman 21 and Brock Samson.

In The Silent Partners, Monstroso has the Investors kidnap Billy Quizboy, we learn that he is dying of heart failure and requires a transplant, namely the heart taken from King Gorilla by an agreement he made with the Investors to rescind his life sentence. Billy was chosen because of his skills, and the Investors would return the favor by forging documents signed by Billy to "officially" give him credentials to be legally recognized as a doctor and "immortality" for his recognized fame as a great surgeon because, the surgery is so difficult. (and performed in international waters).

Billy completes the transplant, and the Post credits scene, Monstroso appears to be recovering from his surgery, although he appears to be unaware that he is no longer on his boat but actually at the Sphinx headquarters on the Venture compound, Billy checks on him and returns to Brock. The only thing Brock is worried about is if Monstroso is “well enough so I can kill him yet?”.

However, in Operation: P.R.O.M. Monstroso is rescued by Molotov, and it is revealed that he and Molotov are in a romantic relationship. Upon learning of Mol's involvement with Monstroso, Brock threatens to arrest Mol and kill Monstro, whereupon Mol escapes by ejecting Brock from the hood of a limousine, dropping the teetering car into the gulch, likely killing both Molotov and Monstroso. Monstroso is thus presumed KIA.

It is revealed in What Color is Your Cleansuit? that the Monstroso in the limousine was a balloon, and he and Mol had escaped. He is next seen in O.S.I. Love You with Mol on his boat, when the O.S.I. captures them both. During his interrogation, he reveals the existence of the Council of 13 to Brock, and identifies Councilman 4. When Brock questions him about The Investors' connection to the Guild, he is menaced by the appearance of the Investors. He begins using the room's furniture to try to attack them, taking down Brock in the process, but the furniture phases through them. The Investors back Monstroso into a corner, and then phase Monstroso through the Hoverquarters' hull, leaving him to fall to the Earth.


Roland Desmond , heart surgery....

Superficially, Monstroso seems to be a combination of both Marvel characters the Kingpin, who is a head of a major criminal racket, and his nemesis the hero Daredevil, in that he is an attorney and his hood and thematically red/devilish scheme are highly reminiscent of Daredevil. His name seems inspired by Monstro, the evil whale in the Disney movie Pinocchio.

Anton LaVey, the High Priest of the Church of Satan, created in San Francisco in the 1960's seems a likely inspiration for Monstroso as well. In looks they are superficially similar (goatees and dark clothing) and LaVey was also known for wearing a horned hood similar to Monstroso's during rituals. As seen here.

Episode Appearances[edit]