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Mommy Longlegs


Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Tag-Sale -- You're It!


She was one of the many super scientists and villains that attended Dr. Venture's tag sale. She has six arms and two legs that don't appear to be part of her costume, making her a true spider. She also has the same marking as a black widow on her chest. She may also be one of the members of the Council of 13, the high ranking villains of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, based on one of the silhouettes. If this is the case, her application for membership in the Revenge Society would have likely been an attempt to infiltrate the organization.

During the brawl in Dr. Venture's tag sale, she was seen fighting with Reptile Guy, kicking him in the groin at least four times.

After their escape from Zero in Any Which Way But Zeus, she and The Power Plug embraced, suggesting a relationship like Billy and Pete's with no clear leader.

She was also invited to the wedding of The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend.

Episode Appearances[edit]