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The Venture Bros. episode
Momma's Boys
Season 5
Image-e0fd 51dac471.jpg
Orig. Airdate July 7, 2013
Writer(s) Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 508
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A friendship built on lies threatens to unravel Dr. Venture's sanity.


Hank and Dermott play a phone prank on their father using a Teddy Ruxpin-type toy to make him believe that has a friend. Dean, who’s been having late night phone calls with a mysterious woman who turns out to be Myra, Doc’s former bodyguard who went insane and believes Hank and Dean are her children.

Hank attempt to gaslight his dad backfires, forcing him, Dermott, and Gary to team-up to track down the voice of the teddy bear toy. They track him to the Dunwitch Asylum and in order to be locked there they act as insane criminals. However H.E.L.P.eR and Dermott are locked away as they were considered to be only henchmen.

Doc, convinced by Hank’s trickery that his friend “Ted” is in serious, life-threatening danger goes on a quest with Hatred to find the mysterious, possibly deadly, Bygolly Gulch; Dean, Hank, and Gary all end up at the Dunwitch Asylum, where Myra’s mad quest to become the Venture boys’ mother finally proves to the guys that she’s not the woman they wanted her to be.

Following HELPER´s advice(its now apparent that he can understand the robot) Dermott, using his mind calls for the help of Dr. Orpheus. The necromancer appears out of thin air and puts the policemen to sleep whit his magic. He points out that he felt a Venture brother call for help in his mind thus confirming that Dermott is one of the Ventures.

Meanwhile, Hatred and Doc, having followed a confused GPS system to a location that just happens to be within spitting distance of the asylum, drive off a cliff and wait for death by exchanging last minute confessions. (It turns out Myra´s mental state is Doc´s fault.)

Fun Facts[edit]

  • It's confirmed that Myra Brandish is not Hank and Dean's real mother as she mentions to not having given birth to him. As this was happening, Dr. Venture confirmed to Sergeant Hatred in a death bed contest that he took advantage of Myra mental condition in order to have a free daycare for his sons.
  • Dermott finally learns that he is not Brock Samson's son but rather Dr. Venture' son. At the end of the episode he calls him "Dad" right in front of Hank and Dean much to their individuals shock
  • This marks the second time Hank has learned of his Dermott's relationship, the first time was in Everybody Comes to Hank's however, Hank had his memory wiped.

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Jonas Venture Jr
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Sgt. Hatred
Cop 1
Radical Left
Cuckoo Clocker
Doc Hammer 21
Joanna P. Adler Myra Brandish
John K. Hodgman Guard
Maybe Man
Cop 2
Steven Rattazzi Dr. Orpheus

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