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Molotov Cocktease


"It's always cold in Siberia."
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: The Incredible Mr. Brisby
Voice Artist: Mia Barron
Black Hearts


Molotov Cocktease is a mercenary from Russia.

She is the only woman that Brock has ever loved and has an interesting history with him. At one point in time, she killed Brock's partner and he killed her father and caused her to lose her left eye, which Brock keeps in his bedroom. She now wears an eye patch shaped like a heart. Also, Molotov promised her father on his deathbed that she would wear a chastity belt, which she wore for a majority of the series.

In Assassinanny 911, she briefly replaces Brock while he is on a mission. She puts Hank and Dean through a rigorous training program. This then causes Hank to have a crush on her.

She would later create the all-female assassin organization Black Hearts and, with the help of a transgender Hunter Gathers, orchestrate events to make the group the "number one assassins in the country"

Though little is known about Molotov's day to day life, in The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part 2) she appears outside of her work apparel, wearing a revealing sweat-suit, gold chains, and a pompadour hair style. Brock teases her about her outfit, while Hank refers to her as a "hood rat." In Operation: PROM Brock has her cornered in the stolen prom limo with the unconscious body of Monstroso, precariously balanced on the edge of a precipice. He asks her to come clean and finally be with him when she revealed that she had changed and removed her Chasity belt, and also revealing that she has fallen in love with Monstroso saying that she is bad, he is bad, and he is also wealthy, powerful and has a giant penis. She pops the hood release, throwing Brock off the Limo, which falls into a gorge, apparently killing her and Monstroso.

In What Color is Your Cleansuit? Brock investigates the wreckage of the limo which (unsurprisingly) reveals that Molotov escaped and 'Monstroso' was actually a blow-up doll. In O.S.I. Love You, the O.S.I. track down the yacht that Monstroso and Molotov were located on, easily apprehending them. After a escape attempt by Molotov aboard the O.S.I. carrier, Brock captures Molotov. While in the process of throwing Molotov to her demise, Colonel Gathers appears and reveals that it was a test. Molotov is a double-agent and was in fact working for O.S.I. all along, which Brock finds unbelievable.

Episode Appearances[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

Molotov's name is a play on "Molotov Cocktail" (a improvised incendiary device made by filling a glass bottle with gasoline and lighting it with a kerosene-soaked rag placed in the bottle's neck) and "Cock Tease."

  • Her background and general appearance are likely inspired by the Marvel Comics character Black Widow.
  • The missing eye could be a reference to the assassin Elle Driver as played by Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill.