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Manic 8-Ball


Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Home Insecurity
Voice Artist: None


This minion of Baron Underbheit communicates by shaking himself and displaying one of the 20 standard answers (as well as "asshole") from the popular "fortune-telling" toy, Magic 8-Ball, from Tyco. He may also have prophetic powers, proven when Underbheit asked him about the wedding, he asked "Will I have a boy?" and Manic 8-Ball predicted "As I see it, Yes." He was in charge of the Baron's Research and Development division until he was attacked by Baron Underbheit's Tiger Bombs after it was discovered he was responsible for "the wispered comments and poorly-drawn caricatures" of Baron Underbheit. It was later discovered that he survived the Tiger Bombs and was captured by Underbheit. Ever since, he had been forced into being his personal confidante and possible seer against his will. However, it is unknown what happened to Manic 8-Ball following Underbheit's exile.


  • Magic 8-Ball

Episode Appearances[edit]