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Mafioso Art Enthusiast


"I want the Mona Lisa."
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Victor. Echo. November.
Voice Artist: James Urbaniak


He was the guido that Phantom Limb was attempting to sell his stolen Rembrandt to. He said he wanted the Mona Lisa but Phantom Limb assured him that it was not a better painting but only a more famous one, and it was only more famous because it was once stolen. When Dr. Girlfriend entered the room to give them drinks in her Queen Etheria costume the Mafioso Art Enthusiast couldn't stop starring at her practically exposed breasts. Dr. Girlfriend, totally disgusted, then got in a fight with Phantom Limb which ended with him using his death grip on the art enthusiast, accidentally killing him. Phantom Limb then quickly attempted to clean up the mess as his Persian rug was priceless, seeing as Persia no longer exists.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Despite his stereotypical fashion sense and voice, he is only explicitly identified as being a Mafia member in the credits.

Episode Appearances[edit]