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The Venture Bros. episode
Season 2
Sexy Minor!
Orig. Airdate August 20, 2006
Director Jackson Publick
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Victor. Echo. November. 20 Fallen Arches


On the way back from a costume contest the Ventures have to fly over Ünderland. The Baron notices this invasion of his airspace and pulls the X1 into his possession. These events lead to the Wedding of the Century, until the other Wedding of the Century later in the season.


The Ventures are flying over Ünderland, defeated at a costume party where the Impossible family won for best costumes, the Fantastic 4. He also blames Hank because he always dresses up as "the bat" even when they tried to go as KISS and as the main characters from "The Wizard of Oz". Brock wants to go around Ünderland, but Rusty refuses because he's not made of experimental jet fuel.

On the ground, Ünerbheit is getting his atomic super magnet ready to suck the Ventures out of the sky. One of his henchman tries to warn him about something but Ünderbheit ignores him. "Say hello to goodbye!" he yells as the henchman turns the magnet ray on. Unfortunately for Ünderbheit, he is covered in metal armor and gravitates into the magnet head. The X-1 falls out of the sky and Brock tries to aim the jet so they can get outside the borders of Ünderland. When the X-1 finally stops, the cockpit is on the outer boundary of Ünderland and Brock thinks they're safe, but the cockpit ejects them back into Ünderland. The ventures are dragged off to Ünderland castle. Apparently, Ünderbheit hates Rusty because of something Rusty did to his jaw, and there are posters plastered all over the walls declaring Rusty an enemy of Ünderland, so Brock hands Rusty a molar with cyanide in it in case things get bad. They go to Ünderbheit's secret inner sanctum where he is beating the crap out of H.E.L.P.eR.. Ünderbheit orders that they be put in the pantry since they don't have any holding cells. He sees Dean dressed as Princess Leia and asks that "she" get left behind. He invites Dean to a private dinner because he thinks "she" needs to fatten up. Dean thinks Ünderbheit wants to fatten him up so he can actually eat him, but Ünderbheit laughs and says he only wants to make Dean the 2nd most powerful person in Ünderland. Dean thinks this is pretty neat until Ünderbheit lets it know that his intentions are to marry "her." "Ewww, I'm not marrying you!" yells Dean. Ünderbheit doesn't seem to care, he has already married seven times and shows Dean all their stuffed heads hanging above the dinning hall, freaking Dean the hell out.

In the holding cell, Brock is wondering why Ünderbheit would want Dean when an envelope is slipped underneath the door. Rusty opens it and finds out that Ünderbheit intends to marry his daughter, "Dawn." Hank demands to know why he has never been told he has a sister. "You speak crazy, Brock, why don't you try and explain this," Rusty tells Brock. Brock is going to explain, but Hank comes to the conclusion that Ünderbheit is just trying to divide them up, and that he fell right into the trap. Just then a block from the wall is pushed into the cell and a man Hank thinks is the Wallflower comes out. The man asks if Rusty is actually Rusty, and says he is there to rescue them. In his bedroom, Ünderbheit is going goo goo gaa gaa over his impending wedding and asks his fallen adviser, Manic 8-Ball many questions. Manic 8-Ball is kind of vague in a lot of his responses, but when Ünderbheit asks fs he "will have a boy" Manic 8-Ball answers "all signs point to yes." (Whooo boy...) Ünderbheit is extremely happy at this and grants Manic 8-Ball his release; for an hour so he cn go to the wedding. Ünderbheit drinks water from a glass next to his bed but isn't pleased by what he drinks, apparently. Elsewhere, Brock, Hank and Rusty are introduced to Col. Catclops, who is spearheading the Ünderground, an anti-Ünderbheit movement.

Back at the castle, some eunuchs are getting Dean ready for "her" wedding. One measures for a wedding gown and when he leaves, the other one pulls Dean into a bathtub. When he removes Dean's skirt, he discovers that there is a rooster in the henhouse and screams like a girl, and Dean screams like a girl in response. When they finish, the eunuch asks, "I'm fixed, what's your excuse?"

Back in Ünderground headquarters, Catclops explains that they are the nerve center for sabotoge, subterfuge, and psychological warfare, even though all the Ündergrounders seem to be doing is practicing jokes and pranks. Just then Girl Hitler comes in and explains that she managed to put a cat hair in the Baron's water glass, in response to him trying to blow them up. However, Catclops explains that they won't have to do any of that since Dr. Venture is there to fly them out of Ünderland. Rusty calls them crazy, and one of the Ünderlanders asks why they brought the Bat Man and Chewbacca Wookie if they weren't going to rescue them. Brock explains that they were at a costume party but that they need to storm the castle in order to keep Ünderbheit from marrying doc's son. "Not me!" says Hank and then, "ooooohhhh."

"Whoa, not us" says Catclops. "Slow and steady wins the race." Brock makes to leave but Catclops blocks the way out because they've seen the secret lair. Brock tears some whiskers off of Catclops' cat thing, and Catclops, in pain, lets them go.

Dean, meantime, is all dressed up and ready to go. He asks the eunuchs if they are going to tell on him and they say they won't because Ünderbheit owes them for a few things. They tell him not to worry and that they are going to call some friends. In a hallway Brock tells Hank to follow his lead and remember everything he taught him in the judo room, and for Rusty to just stay back. He unscrews a light bulb above them, and when Rusty does the same, he burns his sissy hands and drops the light bulb. The Baron's henchmen hear this and come to check things out but Brock grabs Rusty and hurls him at them. He takes a few of them out with their own weapons, and the one that's left alive is unlucky enough to get interrogated. Brock grabs the guy by the balls and interrogates, but to no avail. Suddenly Brock goes limp; he says that he felt a lump on the henchman's testes, which seriously demoralizes the poor henchman, makes him stop caring, and he gives up the location of the wedding. The wedding is happening as Brock, Hank and Rusty are running though the halls but Brock and Rusty get trapped behind some bars. Hank takes it upon himself to be the one lone warrior to take on Ünderbheit's army. He gives his reasons for doing so, and when Brock tells him it's suicide, Hank says he'll see him in heck. Rusty isn't so worried because he says he can make another one. The wall opens up and Brock and Rusty are surprised to see Hank lying in a pool of blood, because he cut his tongue in the tongue slit of his Batman mask. Ünderbheit says they are too late because he already married the daughter whose name he doesn't even know. He yells out that his name is Dean and when the Baron says that's not a Baroness name, Dean tears off his gown, exposing himself for all to see. Just then, Catclops busts in and places Ünderbheit under arrest for breaking Ünderlaw.

The Baron charges at him, but Brock grabs the poison molar he had given to Rusty earlier and throws it at Ünderbheit's forehead, where it lodges and knocks him out temporarily.

"You mess with the cat, you get the clops!" yells Catclops triumphantly.

"You mess with the girl, and you get the Hitler!" yells Girl Hitler.

Catclops then proposes marriage to Girl Hitler.

Later, a soldier welcomes Brock to Michigan when they are pulling the X-1 out of Ünderland. Girl Hitler is elected President, and even though she thinks Ünderbheit deserves a severe punishment, she wants to soften the image of Ünderland so she just banishes him. The Eunuchs get some jars with their balls back and everyone in Ünderland lives happily ever after!

After the ending credits, Ünderbheit show up at The Monarch's door because he "just got divorced."

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Eunuch 2
Underbheit Henchman 1
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Eunuch 1
The Monarch
Additional Voices
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Army Guy
T. Ryder Smith Baron Underbheit
Mia Barron Girl Hitler
Brendon Small Resistance 1
once again Soul-Bot as H.E.L.P.eR.

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