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Little Joe

Little Joe.png

"What if he's lying?"
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
Mass. Pirate
1st appearance: Ghosts of the Sargasso
Voice Artist: Doc Hammer
Ghost Pirates


Little Joe is one of the Ghost Pirates that attempted to steal the X-2. He can easily be identified by his Boston accent, RELAX t-shirt and the stockings on his head. He along with fellow pirate Mike was ordered by the Pirate Captain to take Brock to the brig and then to get the key to the X-2 from him. He was shocked when Brock informed him that the key was up his ass. Luckily they had stolen a whole shipment of rubber gloves from another ship. Little Joe then got the privilege of shoving his hand up Brock's ass looking for the key. When Mike didn't give Brock one of his cigarettes he became enraged and clenched his cheeks crushing Little Joe's hand. He was then caught in Brock's ass and flung across the ship. He along with his fellow pirates currently work on Spider-Skull Island under Jonas Venture Jr.

Episode Appearances[edit]