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Lincoln's Ghost


"Penny for his thoughts"
Other Names
Real Name: Abraham Lincoln
1st appearance: Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner?
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch


Lincoln's Ghost was, obviously, the ghost of the assassinated 16th President of the United States. Since his death he has been "haunting" the Lincoln bedroom of the White House and observing the Presidents. He remembered Rusty and his busy hands visiting the White House as a child and he later met his sons Hank and Dean.

Abe was only able to move and touch things that bare his image such as pennies and five dollar bills. When he thought that Bud Manstrong was being controlled through a computer chip in his neck to kill President Breyer he thought up a plan to save him. Even though he thought he was the worst President Lincoln claimed to have seen he wanted to save him in order to finally earn his wings.

Lincoln's plan was to have Hank and Dean collect a bunch of five dollar bills, preferably the new ones, and paste them all over his ghostly body in order for him to run through Dr. Venture's force field and warn the President. He made it through the force field but was quickly shot in the head by Mrs. Manstrong, Bud's mother, which somehow hurt him. He did however alert everyone else to the chip in Manstrong's neck which actually turned out to be the motherboard of the Gargantua-1 and not any sort of mind control. Bud then started uncontrollably masturbating.

He didn't earn his wings as saving a "repressed masturbator isn't enough to get you into heaven these days."

Episode Appearances[edit]