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"My long time com-panda"
Other Names
Real Name: Li-Li
1st appearance: The Incredible Mr. Brisby


Li-Li was Roy Brisby's long time com-panda who he won from David Bowie in a trivia contest (before the great trivia craze of the 1980's). Besides company, Brisby also obtained milk from her which is supposedly a natural elixir and extremely rare. Upon tasting this beverage, Dr. Venture commented that it's "actually not that disgusting." Li-Li seemed to have developed protective feelings for Brisby, quickly putting him out when he caught fire as well as putting Dr. Venture in a bag for him. Bowie hired Molotov Cocktease to retrieve Li-Li from Brisby, which she did with the unwitting help of Brock Samson and the Orange County Liberation Front. Li-Li is now once again The Sovereign's com-panda.

Episode Appearances[edit]