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King Gorilla

King gorilla.png

"Fuck you, give me a dollar"
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Return to Spider-Skull Island
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
Super-Villain Prison


King Gorilla is a super-villain who was serving time in Super-Villain Prison. He has a thing for leather, be it shoes, wallets, or when used recreationally. The Monarch alludes to King Gorilla being gay, or at least prone to sodomy, as a tactic to scare some kids straight. This flippant remark about King Gorilla's nature disguises the very real and predatory nature that King Gorilla often displays in his relationships with others. Later, the Monarch finds out firsthand when on the receiving end of King Gorilla's "affection". They eventually settle their relationship as Gorilla helps the Monarch escape from prison and learn a lesson along the way.

King Gorilla appeared on VH-1's Surreal Life before going to jail. K.G., as he is sometime called, attacked housemate Vince Neil, eviscerating him and sodomizing his lower half. He later claimed "They wanted the surreal life? well they got it!". Prior to this King Gorilla was a member of The Guild for 10 years. Their inability to shield him from prosecution caused him to later turn on them.

King Gorilla seems to have some sexual fetish towards what or only alluded to as "Tarzans" by The Monarch and Phantom Limb.

He contracted terminal cancer and was later released from prison with help from Monstroso and The Investors to live his final days in freedom. The Monarch attended his release party and unaware of his condition, gag gifted him a carton of cigarettes.

In exchange for getting him out of prison Monstroso expected King Gorilla to give him his heart upon his death. Being close to death he allowed The Investors to rip it from his body while in the hospital. After his death his heart was successfully transplanted into Monstroso by Billy Quizboy.


Gorilla Grodd from The Flash's rogues gallery.

Monsieur Mallah from the Doom Patrol's rogues gallery, a homosexual talking gorilla.

Episode Appearances[edit]