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"I think I found my first arch enemy"
Other Names
Real Name: Kim
1st appearance: Victor. Echo. November.
Voice Artist: Nina Hellman


Kim was Triana's scantily clad friend who came along on a double date with Hank and Dean. During the date she was mistaken for a villainess (possibly a Medusa) by both the Venture Brothers and Dr. Girlfriend. In the restroom, Dr. Girlfriend gave Kim a business card telling Kim to call her as she wanted to arch with her. Kim originally believed she had just been hit on, but Triana explained to her Dr. Girlfriend's true intentions. Kim responded by saying, "She thought I was a bad guy, I am so gonna do this". However she seemed to not be serious as she mentioned it once more, claiming to want to arch the Venture Brothers, and then never seemed to follow through.

Her fashion choices seem to be a combination of Cyber-goth mixed with Harajuku and Triana does not think very highly of how she dresses. She also at one point went swimming with Triana in the Venture Compound pool. Triana later had a major falling out with Kim claiming that she started hanging out with the preppies and is now in rehab somewhere in Florida.

Fun Facts[edit]

Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick have frequently stated in interviews that despite the character's popularity with fans, they have no intention of bringing her back.

Episode Appearances[edit]