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"My Moroccan house boy"
Other Names
Real Name: Kiki
1st appearance: Past Tense
Voice Artist: Jackson Publick


Kiki is Colonel Gentleman's Moroccan house boy and lover. He looks after the Colonel's wardrobe and provides good "company" for the old fellow. Kiki was very happy to discover that Col. Gentleman was alive after a fight that left the Colonel in a diabetic coma. He even gave the Colonel a "thousand sweat-soaked sorries" as reparation. Though Colonel Gentleman used to be a swinger in the 1960s, it would appear his relationship with Kiki is monogamous.


  • Kiki as well as his relationship with Colonel Gentleman is most likely reference to William S. Burroughs and his love affair with a boy named Kiki and/or the character Kiki from Naked Lunch (1991).

Episode Appearances[edit]