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Jonny Quest

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"What is this shit, man?"
Other Names
Real Name: Jonny Quest
Action Johnny
1st appearance: Twenty Years to Midnight
Voice Artist: Brendon Small
Quest Family


Jonny Quest is a former boy adventurer who traveled with his father, Dr. Benton Quest, his adopted brother Hadji and their bodyguard Race Bannon. As the "real life" archetype on which the entire Venture family was based, Jonny lived a life virtually parallel to that of Rusty, but suffered even worse psychological damage; his presence in the show is often used to suggest by comparison that, despite Rusty's failures as a father and scientist, he still didn't turn out nearly as bad as he might have.

For example: while both Rusty and Jonny are emotionally scarred and surly drug-users after their traumatic childhoods, Rusty has still managed to keep his sanity, produce two children and hold on to most of his father's property, while Jonny has become a disheveled psychological wreck and hard narcotic addict with no family, an unmanageable psychotic nature and nothing at all to show for his existence.

In his first appearance on the show (Twenty Years to Midnight), Jonny is found by the Pirate Captain and Jonas Jr. homeless and squatting in the abandoned undersea Quest Bell One, raving incoherently in the throes of drug withdrawal. Crunching broken pill bottles under his bare feet and sporting needle track marks up both arms, Jonny paces the capsule clad only in soiled underpants and brandishing a pistol. The terrified Jonas and Pirate Captain are forced to try and distract Jonny down long enough to find out where his father Benton may have put a piece of the gadget Jonas Sr. lent him. The mere mention of his father's name prompts a howl of psychotic rage from Jonny, and only the promise of more prescription narcotics (via the fake insinuation that Jonas Jr. is a medical doctor) is enough to calm him down.

After being coaxed/forced out of Quest Bell One by Jonas and the Captain, he is apparently taken in by his childhood pal Hadji (who is apparently functional, married and employed by Jonas Jr.). He is shown undergoing a rough drug detox at Hadji's home during The Doctor is Sin, during which he destroys much of Hadji's furniture and places major strain on his friend's marriage.

Later, having evidently gotten clean of hard drugs (for the time being), Jonny is seen as one of the event coordinators at Rusty's Day Camp for Boy Adventurers, going under the new name "Action Jonny" during the events of The Buddy System. There he's reunited with Dr. Z, the main archenemy of the old Quest family, whose presence causes Jonny to suffer a panic attack, ameliorated only by "downing Xanax like they were Cheetos". Although less hostile and incoherent than previously, he is obviously still crushed by his childhood demons; Rusty may be perpetually bitter over Jonas Venture Sr's absentee parenting, but his damage is nothing compared to poor Jonny, who admits in a confessional moment to having dressed as an arch villain and killed his own dog, Bandit, in a vain attempt to get love and attention from his absentee father, Benton Quest.

In his longest appearance thus far, Action Johnny is shown to be attending therapy classes for "recovering boy adventurers" in Self-Medication, alongside the homicidal Lance and Dale Hale (the Hardy Boys/Menendez Brothers), the pyromaniac, robot-hating Ro-Boy (Astro Boy/Mega Man), the obese molestation-victim Wonder Boy (Robin) and Rusty Venture. He is still overwhelmingly bitter and cynical about his past, and still nurses an addiction to various drugs, which he admits began in his youth, raiding his father's medicine cabinet for pills to escape his mental torture. He does, however, seem to feel a kinship with the other recovering boy adventurers and is also is the first to recognize the danger and take charge of the situation (using his latent boy-adventurer skills) when the group comes under attack. Despite feeling self-esteem and companionship for the first time in many years, Jonny still proves unable to shake off his drug habit, making sure to steal his therapist's blank prescription pad before the group departs the office.

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