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Jonas Venture Alien

Alien jonas.png

"Ungrateful half-monkeys"
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Twenty Years to Midnight
Voice Artist: Paul Boocock


The Jonas Venture alien is a mysterious extra-terrestrial intelligent lifeform who traveled to earth to assassinate The Grand Galactic Inquisitor. When Rusty Venture was a child, his father, Jonas Venture, picked up deep-space radio signals from an alien intelligence and, after ten years of effort, successfully decoded the message. He was surprised to learn that the message was addressed to him, personally, and contained instructions for the use of his latest invention, a machine that would allow the alien to travel to earth at midnight on May 4th of Rusty's 44th year. After Rusty and his friends successfully reassemble the machine, the alien steps through it, taking the form of Jonas Venture, and immediately kills the Grand Galactic Inquisitor, shooting him in the head with a ray-gun. The mysterious alien claimed that the Grand Galactic Inquisitor would have otherwise ended all life on earth.

His disguise is so successful that the Ventures were convinced that the alien was actually Jonas Venture, but eventually, he apologetically admitted that he was, in fact, an alien lifeform who took the form of Jonas Venture because he believed it would be easier for Rusty to accept. Rusty became apoplectic, asking, "What kind of fucked up planet are you from, where you think showing up as my dead fucking father is supposed to make me feel better?" In response, the alien removed his disguise momentarily, terrifiying everyone present with his true form, and then launched into an angry rant about how lucky humanity was that his species knew what it was doing. Stepping back through Jonas Venture's teleporter, he concluded his rant, muttering "ungrateful little half-monkeys".


The mysterious alien is a clear reference to the extra-terrestrials from Carl Sagan's 1985 novel Contact, and the 1997 film based upon it. Both aliens chose to take the form of the protagonist's deceased father in order to put the protagonist at ease, and both transmit instructions for the construction and use of a wormhole-generating machine that allows for interstellar space travel.

Episode Appearances[edit]