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In December of 2009, the PRoV proposed a Q&A with James Urbaniak. Mr. Urbaniak kindly accepted and questions were culled from the forums. He responded to the questions on his livejournal, Voucher Ankles with an audio link. The following is a (currently incomplete) transcript of that audio.

Hey PRoV, People's Republic of Venture. How are you? James Urbaniak here. My apologies for being so late in replying to the Q&A. Finally getting around to it and I thought the most effecient way. Uh, and I think the most effective way to answer all these questions might be to record my answers. So that's what I'm doing? Here at home with my little Mac and my little microphone. Uh, so let's get started shall we?

1. Mr. Urbaniak (And thank you by the way for that formality) What actors growing up would you say got you interested in acting? What actors do you particularly enjoy presently?[1]

I've said many times in interviews that two of my favorite actors are Charles Laughton and Alec Guiness. They're a pair of primary influences on me. But there are many modern actors that I absolutely love. And I'm obsessed with actors! I love so many I hardly know where to begin. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Samuel L. Jackson. Uh, golly. Will Patton, a great character actor. Uh, the obvious ones: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino. Meryl Streep. But there are so many character actors. Less, less famous people who are great influences on me. I'm influenced very much by Steve Rattazzi, the voice of Dr. Orpheus who is a veteran stage actor in New York who I've seen in countless shows. If you ever get the opportunity to see him in a play, do it!

2. Mr. Urbaniak please use Fugible (sic) in a sentence and if you could....could you do it in a Rusty Venture voice?[2]

This of course is a reference to uh, the, I think the Oh No They Didn't Q&A with me where somebody said 'What's your favorite word?' and so I said 'Fungible' which is 'cause it's a funny sounding word. Uh, Rusty Venture voice? Uh, I'll try. [In Rusty Venture-like voice] Dean! Oh my god, that crap was fungible!. [Back to normal voice] See, that was terrible. That was a terrible Dr. Venture. Um, I'm really not good at doing Rusty out of the booth.

3. Looking back on your storied career in acting, what are your thoughts on your role as Druden Hunt in 'Plain Dirty' (also known as 'Briar Patch')? Would you ever again consider a role as the romantic lead opposite a younger girl?[3]

4. A few years ago, you facetiously mentioned on your blog that you would be replaced by Liev Schreiber as the voice of Dr. Venture. Fans proceeded to freak out. What did the mass panic caused by “Schreibergate” tell you about your importance to the show and to the Venture following?

5. Do you make New Year's resolutions? What is one of your resolutions for 2010?

6. Mr. Urbaniak, does it bug you when I do this?[4]

(and then I have to do something I can't describe here.)

7. I think your comedic delivery is top notch. Thank god you play Dr. Venture. If you could have any actor in the world take your place, who would you let voice Dr. Venture instead of you and why?[5]

8. Was that you on the Sarah Conner Chronicles? Not once but twice?[6]

9. Who are your favorite comedian from present/past?[7] 10. Do you consider the cup half-empty or half-full? 11. Do you cook? 12. Favorite Al Pacino film? 13. Are these too many questions, bro? 14. Also, a few years ago you posted photos of your newborns and their names. Are those Polish names and how do you pronounce them?

15. If you could arch someone in real life, who would it be and why?[8]

Well, Charles Nelson Riley is dead, so I guess it would have to be Liev Schreiber.

16. Also, if someone decided to arch you, who would you want it to be and why?

Same answer.

17. What would you honestly do if you had the opportunity/misfortune to meet and speak with Sarah Palin?[9]

Well, I’d probably be pleasant and just get out of there quickly. I wouldn’t yell at her or anything.

18. While on the subject of Sarah Palin (Oh, how 'bout that?), should it be illegal for her to use twitter?[10]

Oh no, that’s one of the most entertaining Twitter accounts there is; it’s hilarious

19. James, if you had one superpower what would it be?[11]

Laser smell.

20. What'd you ask Santa for this year?

I didn’t ask him for anything, but I did get some nice stuff. I got a nice vintage suit from my wife and an array of vintage ties.

21. When did you first learn that Santa didn't exist?

I do remember the moment when it was confirmed. I already suspected he didn’t exist but I remember I was probably around 9, and my mother was-- we were talking about Santa or Christmas or something and my mother suddenly said: “You know there’s no santa, right?” And I said “yes.” And I did, and it was no big deal, and I was happy to have that confirmed

22. How many people did you have to sleep with to get where you are today?[12]

(laughs) Just Jackson and Doc.

22a. Do you wish that number was bigger or smaller?

That was enough.

23. James, who would you like to have on the show doing vocals that hasn't already been on?[13]

Hmmm. Ian McKelllan. I think he’d be good.

24. what other cartoons do you really want to lend your voice to?

I’d like to be on The Simpsons, but who wouldn’t? What can you do?

25. do you have a man crush on Patrick Warburton?[14]

I would say not, although I like Patrick very much. And then the questioner says: "It seems every guy i know has/had/will have one on him at some point." Okay.

26. also, Mr. Urbaniak, if you and Michael Sinterniklass were to recreate the famous fight between lizzy borden and anne franke, which of the two women would you choose to be?

This is of course a reference to some joke that Hank or Dean made on the show. I’m not worthy to be either of those women.

27. Also, are you a Deaniac or a Hankuloid?

I’m probably a Hankuloid, I gotta admit.

28. Mr. Urbaniak! Your favorite flavor of ice cream?[15]

I like a good old-fashioned vanilla, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

29. Do you have any famous ancestors?

30. Greatest piece of acting advice you ever received? Worst?

31. Dear Mr. Sir Monsieur Signor Urbaniak I, if there were ever to be any sort of Venture Bros. live-action thing, whether it be on TV or a film, who would you personally like to see play Rusty?

PS if you're willing to do voice things at all, can you wish me a happy birthday as Rusty? If not, can you wish me a happy birthday in text form as James Urbaniak? Since today is my birthday.

Mr. Urbaniak! 32. I'd like to know your favourite quote (or favourite handful of quotes) from Venture Bros!

33. Also, are you willing to do a strip-tease on webcam while using the "Limb's" voice? Super sexy. <3 <3 <3

34. Is voice acting as demanding as live-action acting? yes? no? how so? why?

35. If there were an adaptation of a classic piece of literature and you got asked to play one of the lead roles, which book would you want the movie to be based on and whom would you want to portray? why?

36. In mid November you were discussing the story around that homophobic "musical composer" peter vadala and The Raw Story referenced you. How do you feel when you get props like that?

37. What is the meaning of life? "The color twelve" or "42"?

38. Can you pat your tummy and rub your head at the same time? if you can, can you post a video to youtube showing us? if you can't can you post a video to youtube showing us how you fail?

39. Mr. Urabaniak, are we going to see you one The Office again?

40. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight with a script (movie/play/series/other) and gotten the part only to find out it's badly directed or badly cast?

41. What is your favorite character from the show? How about of the ones not played by you?

42. Do you do any sort of art's n' crafty things? Like cross stitch or crewel work?

43. Have you ever come up with a character for the show and tried to pitch it? If yes, and their answer was no - what was that character? Why do you think it failed?

44.) Mr. Urbaniak, you were great as Simon Grim in Henry Fool and Faye Grim! The ending of Faye Grim was left open for another sequel, have you heard anything about the production of a 3rd film in the series to wrap up all of the loose ends? If there is a 3rd film, would you be interested in working with Hal Hartley again?

45. Do you have a cooking or cleaning tip that even Martha Stewart may not know?

46. Do you play any musical instrument?

47. Sorry for going all Hornby, but how about a Top 5 list of: (choose one)

  • comedians
  • authors
  • albums
  • personal projects
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