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James Urbaniak


James plots another witty blog entry while at his computer.
Birthdate: Sep 17, 1963
Notable Characters
Dr. Venture
Phantom Limb
Jonas Venture Jr.


James Urbaniak is a voice actor for the The Venture Bros. Characters that he voices include Dr. Venture and Phantom Limb. He turned in a great performance as David Bowie in 'Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 1) and Part 2.

After starting in New York City theatre, James began a career as a television character actor. Having fulfilled his quota of Law & Order guest appearances he left the NYC for Los Angeles to chase his ambitions of being a Hollywood starlet.

He's perhaps best known for movie roles such as Robert Crumb in American Splendor and as Simon Grim in Hal Hartley's Henry Fool and its sequel Fay Grim. He was also critically acclaimed for his performance in the play Thom Pain.

Urbaniak also maintains a running LiveJournal blog named Voucher Ankles. The blog focuses on his acting career, theater, poltics, as well as Venture Bros. behind-the-scenes. His Twitter Feed is incredibly witty and cryptic, and you should really follow it.

James and his wife, Julie, are the proud parents of twins Severn Jerzy and Esme Maeve, who were born on April 23, 2006.

Due to his relocation in Los Angeles, rumors flooded the interweb (rumors started by Mr. Urbaniak himself) that the new voice of Dr. Venture may be Liev Schreiber. It is assumed that if you don't tell Urbaniak that you love him dearly, he'll let this occur. If Liev's free anyway.

In January of 2010, Mr. Urbaniak responded to a series of questions gathered on the PRoV forums. He recorded his answers in an audio file.[1]