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After becoming locked within the engine room of The Monarch's Floating Cocoon, Dean started to hallucinate a fantasy world, named Insectia, where he is a hero. The cause of the hallucination might be attributed to the fumes in the poorly ventilated engine room.

In his visions Dean is guided by amalgamations of his friends and family mixed with fictional characters. He meets Giant Boy Detective (Billy Quizboy), Princess Tinglepants (Triana Orpheus), The White Oracle (Pete White), The Lab Rat (Dr. Venture) and The Insect King (The Monarch). Dean himself also becomes a brave hero.

During the hallucination Giant Boy Detective guided him into Insectia and brought him before The White Oracle and The Lab Rat. The Lab Rat doubts his abilities but The White Oracle tells him of the beautiful Princess Tinglepants whom he must save. Dean the Brave then defeats The Insect King, frees the slaves of Insectia and saves the Princess.

This whole foray of Dean's into a fantasy world may have been a way for Dean to deal with the stresses of being both the son of a super-scientist and an insecure adolescent male. After Dean is rescued, Brock implies that these disconnects with reality happen “all the time.”

Inhabitants of Insectia[edit]