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Iggy Pop

Iggy pop.png

"We don't do encores."
Other Names
Real Name: James Newell Osterberg, Jr
1st appearance: Showdown at Cremation Creek (Part 1)
Voice Artist: Jackson Publick
Guild of Calamitous Intent (Former)
The Stooges (Former)


Another rock star leading a secret life as a villain, Iggy's public musical collaboration with David Bowie hid his decades long work as his henchman. Resentment over taking orders from Bowie led him to join fellow henchman Klaus Nomi in Phantom Limb's first unsuccessful attempt to take control of The Guild.

He was last seen plummeting into the Grand Canyon after a confrontation with Bowie and is assumed dead.

He is able to generate energy spheres with his hands, that explode when he issues the command "Pop", explaining his name.

Episode Appearances[edit]