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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

Ice Station -- Impossible!

Professor Impossible: So, how do they fit? Impossibly great, right.

Billy Quizboy: It is the most comfortable thing I've ever worn.

Pete White: It's like wearing nothing at all, like a second skin.

Dr. Venture: Um, you've got a little something brown on your nose.

Hank Venture: Nice spy clothes, douche

Dean Venture: What? I didn't have any black, so I thought "Cowboys, next best thing to spies" right?

Brock Samson: Race Bannon...those bastards killed him!

Hank: Those kids? Dammit we let 'em go!

Dean: Brock, I think I know why the plane crashed. There were skeletons driving it!

Hank: I've thought a lot about it and if we can't get the antidote in time and it comes down to it... I... well, I want you to be the one to kill me.

Brock: Don't talk like that Hank. We're going to find...

Hank: Promise me Brock!

Brock: Ok

Hank: Promise me.

Brock: Ok, I promise.

Hank: Super swear?

Brock: Yes Hank.


Hank: Hey Brock, how would you do it.

Brock: You're asleep, quick jerk on the neck, you'll never feel a thing.

Hank: You've thought about this.

Brock: Yes, I have

Dr. Venture: Great, wow, you invented thermal underwear, whoopty freakin' do!