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The Venture Bros. episode
Ice Station -- Impossible!
Season 1
Orig. Airdate September 18, 2004
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 1-09
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Ghosts of the Sargasso 7 Mid-Life Chrysalis


While Dr. Venture is visiting at a super secret thinktank, Hank becomes infected with a deadly chemical weapon. And Dr. Venture has his own issues to deal with in the form of an anal retentive jealous husband.


The show opens with Race Bannon fighting Nat King Cobra's HENCHMAN for a canister of Goliath Serum. After making an escape, Race jumps out of the plane only to be hit by another plane. Nat King Cobra's plane along with its henchmen crashes on Venture Compound property.

Meanwhile at Impossible Industries, Billy, Pete and Rusty are filling out paperwork to join a super secret think tank with Professor Impossible. After discussing the Impossible suits, Professor Impossible tells the guys they have to be drug screened, and that just thinking about pee-pee opens up the suit so they can do their business. Pete and Billy succeed, but Rusty refuses to because he's not wearing any underwear.

Back at the Venture Compound, Hank, Dean and Brock go out and find Race Bannon, who is being assaulted by kids. Hank and Dean run the kids off and Race Bannon, about to die, tells Brock about the Goliath Serum and gives him a news reel about it. His dying words are "Tell Jonny I love..." when he expires, and then poops his pants.

At Impossible Industries, Rusty has failed to fill his cup which he hands to Impossible. Impossible sees his wife Sally and tells her to stay in her room, which perplexes everyone. Later, Impossible tells Rusty that he needs the sample, and when he leaves, Sally comes in and gives Rusty a sample of her urine. They start flirting with each other, and Sally in a desperate attempt to kiss Rusty, turns partially invisible, with only her epidermis doing so. When Rusty sees Sally's face sans skin, he runs off, scarred for his life, thinking Sally is a succubus. He runs into a room where Cody, Sally's brother, is in an oxygen deprivation chamber and accidentally opens it which automatically makes Cody burst into flames. Ned, Sally's retarded cousin, comes in and puts Cody back in his oxygen deprivation chamber, automatically knocking him out again.

Back at the Venture Compound, the boys and Brock have watched the Goliath Serum news reel and find out that Hank has been exposed to the stuff. Dean suggests killing Hank to stop the metabolic reaction which will make him into a living, breathing bomb. Hank wigs out and says "Why are you so calm about this!?!" to which Dean responds "We're not just any poor suckers, we're the Venture brothers, our dad's a super genius with like, chemistry stuff." Brock tells the boys that he thinks this is out of Rusty's league, and Dean starts to become hysterical too. He tells them to calm down, and plans to go find Professor Impossible.

At Impossible Industries, Sally explains to Rusty the origin of her "super powers" along with Cody's and Ned's. Professor Impossible has been eavesdropping, so he asks Rusty to take a ride with him. While on the way to their destination, Impossible declares his disappointment in Rusty, disappointment at him going into restricted areas, rather than cajoling around with his wife. Impossible tells Rusty he will just tell people Rusty got cabin fever and wandered off, and leaves Rusty out in the north pole cold, where his impossible suit automatically freezes and disintegrates off of him, leaving him naked.

On the X1, Dean is wigging out because Hank has reached stage three, a severe rash and an old man's beard. Hank makes Brock promise to kill him in order to save everyone else. Then he asks, "Brock, how would you do it?" Brock responds "In Your sleep, quick jerk of the neck, never feel a thing." They spot Rusty who has just stepped on some yellow snow. Rusty is having a hallucination about Sally who is in reality a polar bear. Brock comes out of the blue, jumps on the polar bear, kills it, skins it, and gives the pelt to Rusty.

I don't know if he's covering Brock or Hank, but he's covering someone.

The team makes it to Impossible industries where the Professor is having an argument with Sally. Brock tells Impossible that Hank has been exposed to the serum and asks if there is an antidote. Impossible promptly pulls out a gun and declares it to be the antidote.

Ned and Cody come out and tie up Impossible with his own limbs to prevent him from harming Hank. Pete, Billy, Rusty and Sally then get to the task of making an antidote, which they accomplish. Professor Impossible has gotten loose, and informs the team that they just invented ranch dressing. Sally tells him he's just jealous and that she's with Rusty now. She takes off to get her things and Rusty and Brock hightail it out of there.

In the ending scene Professor Impossible discovers that Rusty is pregnant, with Sally breaking into tears.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The Impossible family is a parody of The Fantastic Four

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
Race Bannon
Mr. White
Cody and Ned
Industrial Film Narrator
Doc Hammer Master Billy Quizboy
Snake Agent
Mia Barron Sally Impossible
Stephen Colbert Professor Impossible
the indomitable Soul-Bot as H.E.L.P.eR.

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