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Ibis Priest

Ibis priest.png

"What the hell is voile?"
Other Names
Real Name: Unknown
1st appearance: Escape to the House of Mummies Part II
Voice Artist: Chris McCulloch
Cult of Osiris


The Ibis Priest appears to be the leader of the Cult of Osiris, an Egyptian themed cult that doesn't seem to have any actual Egyptians. Nor are they based in Egypt; appearing to operate out of a temple in South America. The Ibis mask worn by the priest is likely representing the Egyptian god Thoth, who is sometimes depicted in drawings with the head of an ibis.

The Ibis Priest introduces The Perfect Man in the first part of "...House of Mummies" and banishes the Venture Family to the Hall of Sorrows. Upon returning to the Hall to check up on them, he's annoyed to find the Hall destroyed and the family, sans Rusty, still alive instead of boiling in hot oil. His henchman had instead used hot voile. When the priest sneezes into his mask, Brock punches him in the face knocking him out and escaping the Hall with the boys.

Episode Appearances[edit]