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Hunter Gathers


"You're property of the government!"
Other Names
Real Name: Hunter Gathers
Agent Kelly Clarkson
1st appearance: Assassinanny 911
Voice Artist: Christopher McCulloch
Black Hearts(former)


Colonel Hunter Gathers (now promoted to General) was the first contact Brock Samson met when he was initiated into the Office of Secret Intelligence. Gather's brutal training was at least partly responsible for turning Brock into the hard-ass he is today. Brock, who was raised by a single mother, has described the Colonel as the second closest thing that he has ever had to a father.

In Assassinanny 911 Brock was contacted by his handlers in order to find Hunter Gathers. Gathers had gone A.W.O.L with forty million dollars of the OSI's money and a plastic surgeon kidnapped from "the enemy". Brock is dispatched to an island in Micronesia in order to take Hunter out permanently.

Upon reaching Hunter's lair, Brock finds his old mentor unconscious on a table with the plastic surgeon standing over him. Before Brock can kill Hunter, the surgeon stops him, reading him a letter from the Colonel explaining that he's tired and wants out of the life. Brock takes no heed and lifts up the sheets covering Hunter. He's shocked to discover the Colonel's undergone a sex change operation. Remembering Gathers' directive, "No women, no children. It's what separates us from the baddies." Brock leaves her to live, but only after double checking her lower half just to be sure.

Hunter displayed, in numerous flashbacks, a tendency to cross-dress as a woman whenever going undercover. However, both as a transvestite and later a transsexual, Hunter still makes no effort to appear feminine, continuing to display a rough whiskered face and a deep macho voice.

Life As a Woman[edit]

I'd give her a hundred bucks to, errr, yeah, big beautiful tits...
In Orb, Hunter is again seen. She gives Brock some info on Operation Rusty's Blanket (ORB) which might mean he needs to kill Rusty. She reappears in the season finale, when after failing to kill Rusty per his orders, Brock goes on the run believing OSI wants him dead for disobeying orders. Gathers provides Samson with a car and a list of ex-OSI agents that can help him while he's on the lam.
I'd hit that... Hunter in her Black Hearts costume
It is then revealed that Gathers, working in conjunction with mercenary Molotov Cocktease, misled Brock in order to have Samson eliminate the assassins he believes were sent by OSI. Gathers and Cocktease have started a new criminal organization, the all-female Black Hearts. Samson has eliminated their competition, leaving them alone at the top of the murder-for-hire heap.


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athers returns in the season 4 premiere, Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel. He's first seen in the Black Hearts offices, speaking with Molotov Cocktease about assassination assignments whilst Brock Samson and an agent of SPHINX both try to listen in. The two agents fall through the ceiling on top of Molotov, after which Brock confronts Gathers. Gathers is reluctant to shoot Brock, however, Molotov is more than willing.

We soon see Brock tied up and naked after being abducted by Sphinx, and it appears that Gathers is with him. However, Gathers was not bound, and cuts Samson loose while they discuss what has occurred. Gathers reveals that the sex change and defection from O.S.I. was all a set-up to infiltrate Molotov's budding organization, for unexplained reasons. We see very plainly that Gathers is no longer a woman, is wearing a Sphinx Uniform, and tells Brock that he "doesn't know dick".

In Pinstripes & Poltergeists Gathers reveals that he had his sex change, and later had it reversed, so that he could defect from the O.S.I. to Sphinx and return to fighting the 'bad guys'.

Leader of SPHINX[edit]

As the de facto leader of SPHINX, it is Hunter's job to coordinate missions, and impart his wellspring of knowledge and experience to his subordinates. Much of his time seems to be spent handling the day to day weirdness of the covert ops world and the world of villains and heroes. Hunter seems to have secret funding for SPHINX but never goes into details, such as how they can afford a state of the art 40 million dollar submarine.

Leader of O.S.I[edit]

In Operation: P.R.O.M. Hunter Gathers was given succession of the O.S.I from General Treister, making him leader of both O.S.I and SPHINX. It remains to be seen if he will leave one for the other, although his promotion to General in the 2010 Christmas Song suggests he has taken Treister's place.


Hunter's (male) appearance, voice, and general mannerisms are modeled after the late "gonzo" journalist Hunter S. Thompson, who is known primarily as the writer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Hell's Angels, among many other books and essays. Some of the notable traits that Gathers borrows from Thompson include his tone of voice and manner of speech, his aviator sun-glasses, his thin build, his paranoia, and his preference towards smoking a cigarette via a cigarette holder (dinner length, about 6"/15cm).

Episode Appearances[edit]