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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

Home Is Where the Hate Is

Dean - I always say follow your dreams, even if they're about a giant spider with your father's head, and he keeps stealing your penis!

Dean - Hank, if a big man walks out of the burning cloud, do NOT be afraid. That's Jesus!

Sgt. Hatred - I was a professional villain while you were trading Garbage Pail Kids.

Number 21 - My life sucks quite enough already thank you. I have big boy problems.

Hank - Girls?

Number 21 - Psh, I Wish!

Dean - Hemorrhoids?

The Monarch - You're a brainless failure and live entirely off your father's fame and fortune!

Dr. Venture - I'm George Bush?

Sgt. Hatred - The one thing I've learned is there's no good reason on God's green earth that arching has to be a completely unpleasant experience for either of us. Speaking of green earth, what do you got out there, Kentucky Bluegrass? Ah, that is lush!

Brock - No, that's my own special blend of Blue Ridge and Creeping Red.

Sgt. Hatred - I'm gonna say it again, lush!