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The Venture Bros. episode
Home Is Where the Hate Is
Season 3
Hiwthi episode image.jpg
Orig. Airdate June 22, 2008
Writer(s) Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick
Director Jackson Publick
Production # 3-37
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The Invisible Hand of Fate 30 The Buddy System


Dr. Venture gets a new enemy, but things are not as they seem. And Monarch also finds himself facing a new enemy while Number 21 and Number 24 run for their lives.


The Guild of Calamitous Intent has assigned Sgt. Hatred to be Dr. Venture's new arch nemesis. Meanwhile, The Monarch is busy settling into his new lair with Dr. Girlfriend in Phantom Limb's old house. When Sgt. Hatred invites Dr. Venture, Brock, and several villains to his house for a party, The Monarch decides to tag along after his yearning to arch Dr. Venture pushes him into it.

At the party Sgt. Hatred nervously asks Dr. Venture to get Hank and Dean out of the party, Dr. Venture and company are about to go back home when The Monarch provides his Cocoon as a place for them to stay until the party is over. Henchmen 21 is told to watch over them, while Henchmen 24 is in Sick Bay recovering from wounds given to him by The Murderous Moppets. After 21 sets 24 up with Dean as his entertainment, he and Hank go looking for the Moppets. Shortly after finding them, the Moppets catch them spying and decide to hunt them down. The Moppets search the Cocoon for the two using a tracking device, (assuming that it was 21 and 24,instead of Hank and 21), which forces 21, 24, Dean, and Hank to flee the compound and into Sgt. Hatred's backyard.

Meanwhile, after a sub-par party game, Sgt. Hatred takes the Monarch into his basement to show off his weaponry, including a very small bomb, which The Monarch decides to steal and slip on Dr. Venture's back while passing by him during a game of charades.

As the Moppets track them down, 21 and company try to figure out how they're being tracked and discover that it's a tracking chip in their uniforms. Back at the party The Monarch has an enlightening conversation with Sgt. Hatred in the hot tub, and just as things are getting good, Dr. Venture (with the bomb set to go off in a matter of seconds) joins them.

Luckily, the bomb creates nothing more than the illusion of flatulence. Elsewhere, 21 and 24 have managed to escape the Moppets by removing their clothes and setting them up as decoys.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • While Hank & 21 are spying on the Murderous Moppets, Hank is surprised that 21 is afraid of them, and exclaims: "You got me all worked up!" This is the same line said by King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, when Tim The Enchanter leads King Arthur and his knights to what appears to be a "harmless little bunny"! ( With similar end results. )
  • When Sgt. Hatred asks Hank and Dean's age, they respond "Sixteen," "Going on Seventeen."
  • When The Monarch is burning all of Phantom Limb's things Dr. Mrs. The Monarch asks him what's he doing and he says sarcastically that he is pretending to be Farrah Fawcett making a comeback, in reference to her TV movie, The Burning Bed.
  • When #21 asks The Monarch to sign a card for #24 he seems to only remember him as the henchman who sounds with Ray Romano.
  • When #21 and Hank are spying on the Moppets, Hank says that lady (Jodie Foster) is in her birthday suit and claims they are watching a porno, but #21 corrects him saying it's his DVD movie Nell. Hank then goes onto say that he saw Schindler's (Liam Neeson) dingus in a reference to Schindler's List. The Moppets seem to be confused about the movie, wondering when Jodie Foster is going to meet Hannibal Lecter, mistaking it for Silence of the Lambs.

Voice Talent[edit]

Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Sgt. Hatred
Henchman 24
Tim-Tom Moppet
Additional Voices
Doc Hammer Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Henchman 21
Kevin Moppet