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Selected Quotes for The Venture Bros. Episode,

Home Insecurity

You could have told me Sasquatch was...a dude.

Huh? What, you couldn't tell?!

Not until I had to (shudder) shave 'im.

What, are you shy? Sasquatch doesn't have anything you haven't seen before.

Sasquatch is something I haven't seen before.

There's something out there, and it's made of metal, and it has dad's face, and it wants to beat me up! This is just like my dream.

What is this Diet!? Why did you get diet?

I might have grabbed the wrong cola at the supermarket.

How do you do that?! How can you not tell the difference? God it's like having my dad do the shopping.

Pop, you're bleeding!

Oh this... um, no, it's fairly common for some men to lactate involuntarily in situations of extreme stress.

((pointing at Dean's urine soaked pants))
Dean's lactating too!

Dr. Venture
I don't need first aid Hank. I need you to stop chocking me and hitting me with fire extinguishers.

Military Policeman #1
Who was that?

Military Policeman #2
Brock f*cking Samson

Military Policeman #1
Dibs on his cigarette butt!