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Henchman 1

Henchman 1.png

"I'm not gonna die! Stop it!"
Other Names
Real Name: Scott Hall
Henchman Zero, the Avenging Henchman; Zero
1st appearance: The Lepidopterists
The Fluttering Horde


All the tool belts on earth couldn't save Scott Hall from meeting his maker. Or could they?

The best equipped and most efficient of The Monarch's henchmen, he did not believe 21 and 24's constant assurance that he was going to die regardless of how skilled he was. He was sent to Spider-Skull Island with 21 and 24 to perform the Dark S-7 maneuver which tampers with the security cameras, which later allowed The Monarch to escape in the cocoon undetected.

When henchmen 1, 21, and 24 entered Spider-Skull Island, 1 was the only prepared henchman in the group wearing a utility belt and attempting to find the most direct routes to the inner-workings of the lair. Despite his knowledge of technology and constant reminders to 21 and 24 of how to properly activate certain functions on the henchmen's butterfly suits, 21 and 24 insistently brought up how 1 was going to die from being 'too good' and an expendable character. With 1 annoyed, he tries to tell them that he won't die and even has a name, Scott Hall. 21 proceeds to tell him that it only seals his fate by allowing him to cry out his name and avenge him when 1 presumably dies, screaming, "No, Scott! Don't you die on me!".

Henchman 1 was presumed to have suffered death at the hands of Brock Samson...

Until... a villain named Zeus kidnapped various heroes and villains across the globe and forced them to fight one another in an arena. After 21 lunged a harpoon through a cardboard cutout of Zeus, 1 stepped forward and revealed himself as the true mastermind behind the kidnappings. He tricked the original Captain Sunshine, Desmond into pretending to be Zeus and gathering underlings. 1's intentions are to punish all the incompetent henchman and sidekicks who think they're heroes and to kill 21 himself for leaving him to die. His motives are not clear, but Captain Sunshine believes him to be insane.

Scott no longer goes by Henchman 1. He goes under the alias of Henchman Zero, The Avenging Henchman. After knocking out Desmond, 1 prepares to enact revenge on 21. This is short lived after he is chased away by all the underlings he had kidnapped. His current whereabouts are unknown.

By "All This and Gargantua-2," Zero has joined the Revenge Society and joins in their attempt to rob the casino onboard. During the robbery he assists Baron Underbheit in actually emptying the vault, running across Brock Samson locked up in the vault for trespassing on Gargantua-2 during the effort. Brock at first does not recognize Zero, but later does and goads him into trying to attack him. When he does manage to get Zero to walk over to the bars of Brock's cell, Brock easily kills Zero by snapping his neck. Hank Venture witnessed this death and threw up as a result.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • The name "Scott Hall" is also the real life name of the former WWE wrestler 'Razor Ramon', although the character bears no resemblance. His name could also be a combination of the surnames of Golden-Age superheroes Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and Hawkman (Carter Hall) all the while having the voice and physique of a comic book character from the respective time period.
  • Henchman 1 enjoys using a utility belt, while 21 and 24 choose not to, despite their fandom of comic book heroes such as Batman

Episode Appearances[edit]