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Hector Molina


"I'm 42 and I haven't even kissed a girl yet..."
Other Names
Real Name: Hector Molina
1st appearance: Powerless in the Face of Death
Voice Artist: Brendon Small


Hector was a young "brown" lad that used to ride with Rusty, Jonas Venture, and famous middleweight boxer Swifty.

Hector first endeared himself to the Ventures when saving Doctor Jonas Venture's life by shielding him from a spear with an Aztec calendar and making a terrible joke. He shared a number of adventures with Rusty and was a featured character in The Rusty Venture Show.

Hector eventually ended up working for Jonas in the Venture Compound manufacturing wing with Swifty. He labored there in isolation for 20 years before Dr. Venture became aware of his presence. Reminded of their adventuring past, Dr. Venture then unceremoniously fired Hector.

Hector currently works for Jonas Venture Jr. at the Venture Industries' Spider-Skull Island facility.

It also seems that Dr. Orpheus keeps getting his junk mail.


Episode Appearances[edit]