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The Venture Bros. episode
Hate Floats
Season 2
Orig. Airdate July 2, 2006
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Doc Hammer
Director Jackson Publick
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Powerless in the Face of Death 15 Assassinanny 911


Dr. Venture and Brock bring the boys to the mall in order to buy Dean a "Speed-Suit" in Rusty's image. There they run into a newly reformed Fluttering Horde and The Monarch planning to get Dr. Girlfriend back.


Gary is in his mom's house running the Atomic Comic Collection Connection when he gets a call from 24. Just then The Monarch calls, saying that he busted out of jail. He asks why his cocoon is charred, and the both tell him they were just following orders and that they can't be killed for following orders. He asks for the other henchmen and 21 tell's him most of the other henchmen joined up with Monstroso's crew. The Monarch tells them he is going to take a shower in what is left of his bathroom and that he expects them to be there by the time he gets out, and for the cocoon to be fully manned and fully operational. 24 tells 21 he'll pick him up at 5 and to be ready because he doesn't want to talk to 21's mom. They both get dressed and ready while humming/singing/yelling "Mars, the Bringer of War" 24 arrives and picks up 21, both of them very happy that they're once again going to be of henching service.

At the Venture Compound, Brock and Rusty are celebrating the boys "birthday." When the boys get out of their beds, Rusty is waiting with a birthday cake in hand and Brock hands them some slightly charred ID's. "Happy 16th birthday," they say. "Are you sure?" asks Hank. "If we were born the year this says so we'd be-" "Curiosity kills more than the cat boy, put them in your wallets like the man says and get dressed." Rusty tells the boys.

Meanwhile, in a street corner in the hood somewhere, 21 and 24 are trying to recruit more henchmen. 21 is the recruiter and 24 plays the part of the normal guy who is between the ages of 18 and 30. As they keep their charade going, some gangsters show up and 21 does a convincing enough job to get a bunch of them to sign on for the exciting career of henching. The Monarch gets out of his shower and falls down, to what is actually the floor, when the cocoon rights itself. 21 explains that they stole some parts from Sgt. Hatred's hover-tank and that him and 24 should have new numbers like 1 and 2, or 2 and 1. "Yeah, whatever," says the Monarch, "Oh yeah, like it's that easy, listen to this. 28 front and center!"

"You want me, you roll you fat ass over here, and I done told you my name is #1!" The Monarch is impressed by #28, errr #1's spunk and says they are the perfect bunch of go getters (droopy pants and all) for Operation Get Back Dr. Girlfriend.

In the meantime, Rusty has taken Dean to the mall to get him a speed suit. After some discussion about the actual term for the garment, Dean is rather disappointed that his surprise is a jumpsuit. Outside, Phantom Limb and Dr. Girlfriend arrive at the mall (in a Rolls-Royce Phantom) for a day of shopping too. The Monarch is following her around in the cocoon, evasive maneuvers and all. In the mall, Rusty has decided on a "speed suit" for poor Dean who is embarrassed out of his brand spanking new body. Phantom Limb is at a kitchen department making plans for a dinner party and starting a marinade later that night. Dr. Girlfriend isn't too crazy about the dinner party idea but Phantom Limb keeps going about his plans and is trying to inspect Wusthofs (well actually saying that the lady wants to inspect them). Dr. Girlfriend takes off to buy some nosh. In a hardware shop (at the mall...) Brock is looking for a caulk gun because someone broke his. Hank doesn't know who would do such a thing and tosses a nerf ball at him. Brock tells him to go long and tosses the ball so Hank can catch it but he bumps into one of the new Monarch henchmen. Hank excuses himself and leaves the henchmen to their scheming but 24 immediately notices Hank and a little Speedy gets into him.

Elsewhere The Monarch "accidentally" bumps into Dr. Girlfriend, tells her he forgives her, and hugs her. Dr. Girlfriend won't have any of it. The Monarch breaks down and says that none of them actually know what they're doing because there are too many buttons and Dr. Girlfriend asks The Monarch if he only wants her back because his tree fort is falling apart or because he loves her. The Monarch says he loves her and when Dr. Girlfriend wants to explain a few thing 24 buzzes in to tell The Monarch that he sees Dr. Venture. The Monarch tells him to move in, ignoring Dr. Girlfriend, but he realizes that Dr. Girlfriend is listening so he tells her to move in with him. Eventually Dr. Girlfriend figures out who he's talking to and chews him out, while all the henchmen at the cocoon listen in. Dr. Girlfriend makes to leave but The Monarch will not let her go. Just then Phantom Limb shows up, ready to do battle with The Monarch who tries to dart him unsuccessfully, so he darts Dr. Girlfriend in the neck and takes off flying with her in his arms. In the second floor of the mall, Rusty shows up with Dean in a speedsuit and some henchmen come out, ambushing the family. Brock pushes the boys down an escalator, grabs his caulk gun and gives it to a henchman right into his intestines! A henchman punches Doc, who just stands around dumbly watching the action, and his eyeball pops out of its eye socket. He fumbles around looking for his glasses and when he finally puts them on, knows something is terribly wrong since he can see Brock fighting henchmen through one eye and the floor through the other eye. Hank, in the meantime, is running up the escalator and throws the nerf ball at a henchman, intending to do who knows what to the guy but failing. The henchman responds by shooting Hank, and the bullet glances off of his belt buckle and knocks him back down the escalator at the same time. The Monarch is surprised to hear gunfire and drops Dr. Girlfriend who lands on top of the boys while he crashes into a wall. Below, a henchman shoots Brock, and when Brock crumples to the floor, the henchman moves in to finish him off but the Monarch falls on top of the guy. Some mall cops run in and The Monarch gives the order for his henchmen to retreat, taking Dr. Venture in the process. Phantom Limb looks on grudgingly and yells after him that he won't let him keep her, not noticing Dr. Girlfriend, but noticing Brock who he take to his lair.

In Phantom Limb's lair, Brock wakes up and gets a "welcome to hell" speech from Phantom Limb. He goes on to tell Brock that he:

  • Removed a bullet and three others
  • A blow gun dart
  • Two shark's teeth
  • The tip of a bayonet
  • A paper clip and
  • A meager handfull of buckshot.

and that he might want to learn how to duck. Brock tells him that in a few minutes he's going to pound Phantom Limb's smug mug into the sofa's armrest unless he tells him what went down. Phantom Limb says that The Monarch has himself a wish list because:

  • He's operating in full costumed aggression without a Guild License
  • His henchmen are using level 5 weapons for a level 1 threat
  • He kidnapped his girlfriend
  • and he kidnapped Brock's family (not really, it was only Rusty)

Phantom Limb uses this to his advantage: now he will have Brock on his side. The Monarch is lecturing his henchmen and wants to know how they got firearms. He asks the henchmen to hand the guns over, but instead gets it pointed to his face. In the mall, Dr. Girlfriend tells the boys to drive her to the cocoon so they can rescue the kidnapped "victims" Dr. Girlfriend hot wires the car and tells Hank how to drive. Dean in the meantime, thinks Dr. Girlfriend is his mommy.

In the cruising cocoon, The Monarch, Rusty, 21 and 24 are all locked up in a holding cell. Rusty asks why The Monarch hates him so much and The Monarch can't even answer because he's so full of rage. 21 proposes that they bust out of the cell so they can go to his personal armory in his room above the cell. They don't believe 21 can fit through the air vent to escape, but Rusty apparently carries WD40 wherever he goes and they just barely get 21 out of the shaft. He goes to his armory which turns out to be a bunch of comic book related collectibles. Rusty and The Monarch hurl insults at each other, but decide that 21's "weapons" will have to do. 24 grabs a Lord of the Rings sword and is about to take it out of the box, but 21 stops him, because it is "mint in box." In Phantom Limb's lair, Brock is having his muscles rebuilt with Phantom Limb's muscle accelerator. They proceed to Phantom Limb's armory (a real one) where they get ready to do battle.

On the road, Dr. Girlfriend is telling Hank where to go. Dean asks how she knows where to go and she says she rammed a tracking device up his... (well, you get the picture) back when they were dating.

Brock and Phantom Limb are already inside the cocoon finishing the henchmen off. There are only 2 left and Phantom Limb tells Brock to follow his lead. He goes out and throws himself on the floor, saying his limbs have been torn off and he wants a bullet to end his misery. The henchmen look on, not really knowing what the hell's going on and looking kind of disgusted at the same time. Brock comes out and says to finish him off, and when they still stand there dumbstruck he asks for their guns so he can do it himself. They hand him the guns and he throws them away as Phantom Limb grabs one with his death grip and offs him, and Brock grabs the other one and jams his own hand up his rectum, into his intestines. Just then, Hank crashes the Charger into the cocoon and everyone wonders what's going on. just then 21's room door opens and The Monarch comes out with Hulk hands, 24 is wielding the Lord of the Rings sword in the box, 21 is carrying Captain America's shield and Rusty is wearing a Magneto helmet and some Magic the Gathering cards in his hands. As the scene cuts to credits a Wilhelm Scream is heard and after the credits, The Monarch is seen laying on the ground, his ass handed to him. Dr. Girlfriend convinces Phantom Limb not to kill The Monarch because he's only a man.

Phantom Limb: He is only a man, and no man is immune to your charm.

Brock: Psh "No man." I'm still looking for scars on her.

Phantom Limb shoots him with a dart gun and he passes out (apparently Phantom Limb has better tranquilizer than The Monarch)

Phantom Limb: What? I'm a super-villain.

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[edit] Voice Talent
Voice Talent
James Urbaniak Dr. Venture
The Phantom Limb
Patrick Warburton Brock Samson
Chris McCulloch Hank Venture
The Monarch
Henchman 24
Fluttering Horde Gangsters
Michael Sinterniklaas Dean Venture
Doc Hammer Dr. Girlfriend
Henchman 21
Wailing Thugs
Paul Boocock Voice of Jonas Venture Sr.