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Other Names
Real Name: Ronnie
1st appearance: Rapacity in Blue
Voice Artist: Steven Rattazzi
The Guild of Calamitous Intent


A brutish supervillain with a preference for hand-to-hand violence. He is defeated by Warriana after injuring Sgt. Hatred and arguing with Brock. Later on, he returns to arch Dr. Venture again, only to become an unwitting test subject for Venture's "God Gas." The gas induces a violent hallucination in him, in which he sees Venture and Billy as demonic figures. While attacking Billy, he was confronted by the Monarch and 21 in their Blue Morpho and Kano alter-egos; 21 rescued Billy and knocked Haranguetan into a pit, killing him.


The name "haranguetan" is derived from the word "harangue"- meaning "to insult, verbally abuse or harrass" and "orangutan"- a type of great ape.

Episode Appearances[edit]